How Can Grow Your Business On Connected TV

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Written By Devansh Vijay

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CTV continues to dominate the video market in all aspects. Advertisers, publishers, marketers, and most importantly, viewers, stick with CTV and prefer streaming services to traditional TV. CTV is watched by more than three-quarters of American households today. Advertisers pay particular attention to CTV.

According eMarketer CTV ad spending in the US is expected to increase by $10.81 billion by 2021. This is up from $7 billion in 2019. All senses of connected TV are exploding - both from the point of view of viewers and businessmen. Consumers prefer streaming media to traditional media, and advertisers recognize the immense potential of CTV in terms of audience reach and targeting. You may be asking yourself: How can you use CTV advertising to promote your business? Let's discuss.

What Should You Consider?

Every business owner should be able to monetize their ads. Every marketer and entrepreneur strives to reduce expenses and maximize their income. You cannot ignore the possibilities of new technologies such as CTV. Your competitors will outrun yours if you do not.

CTV's main benefit is its rapid growth in viewership. CTV is becoming more popular, especially in the wake of recent pandemics that left the entire world without power for several months. People were unable to leave their homes for long periods of time, and they crave entertainment. Many people won't return to linear TV after they have experienced the convenience and variety of connected TV content.

Here's the logic: advertisers and publishers will continue to enter CTV if more viewers tune in. If you're a novice, buying ad space to advertise your CTV campaign can feel like shooting in the dark. Partnering with an advanced video monetization platform is a good idea ( learn more). These platforms come with a wealth of tools and support from professionals to ensure that your campaign runs smoothly. There is direct supply from premium publishers as well as advanced tools for campaign tracking, analysis, and reporting.

For Beginners, Here are Some Useful Tips on Monetary Management

CTV advertising is a great way for brands to increase brand awareness and sales. These tips and tricks will help you get started.

Optimize Your Existing Campaign

It is crucial to rethink your campaign strategy and tactics when you switch to a new medium. Rethink your advertising message, optimize targeting, and find the right time to display ads. OTT inventory provides data-based insights as well as toolkits that can be used to improve your analysis.

Increase Brand Awareness

Think long-term and plan your campaign. Your brand's voice and style should be displayed. Change messaging to reflect the habits of potential and existing viewers. Have a plan and move forward.

Promos and Gifts

People love free stuff. To please your customers and encourage them to return, offer great deals and promotions.

A Pinch of Creativity is A Good Idea

Connected TV gives you the freedom to be creative with your content. There are many tools on monetization platforms that can make your ads more interactive and engaging. You can embed movable galleries or QR codes right into videos and transfer your customer directly to your website.


It is not enough just to keep up with the trends in advertising. You must be ahead of the curve to stay competitive. Advertisers should be open to new technologies and try them out. CTV advertising can be used for any product or service. It is a great way of reaching new prospects and turning them into loyal customers. CTV advertising platforms eliminate all confusion and errors that newcomers fear, making risks very minimal. There are many tools that can be used to measure, analyze, improve, and implement your business. They are efficient and vast. This article will motivate you to take a new step!

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