How Walnut’s Campaign is Fixing The B2B Sales Process

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Written By Devansh Vijay

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Walnut is a disruptive startup that creates product demos. It has created its Sales Experience Platform to enable SaaS sellers to seamlessly connect with prospects. It uses personalized, codeless interactive demos to optimize the B2B selling process.

Walnut's mission is to improve the B2B purchasing experience. Walnut's founders have aimed to simplify and reduce the complexity of the sales process, rather than adding yet more layers. Since day one, the goal has been to revolutionize B2B selling and rebuild every buying experience.

The startup isn't content with just providing SaaS solutions to salespeople. Walnut also works to empower those who are on the receiving end of B2B sales transactions through its viral #WeAreProspects campaign.

The Struggle to Sell…and The Bigger Battle to Buy (Especially in B2B Sales)

Selling can be a complicated and difficult process. The internet has brought people together from all over the globe, increasing competition. Access to target audiences is also easy. This can cause analysis paralysis in sales departments as they try to spread their budgets over a variety of sales channels and opportunities.

Selling is still a difficult task, but buying isn’t any easier. The process of buying something has become more complicated than ever. Even though B2C transactions have flourished in the 21st-century online marketplace, the buying process can be complex and overwhelming at times. The internet is full of ads that consumers need to navigate. Consumers must choose from a variety of communication channels and options in order to be engaged and make a purchase.

Yet, the B2C selling experience is in many ways better than ever. The consumer has the opportunity to learn more about products. Both can seek out real feedback and provide it. Customers can ask questions and seek out answers. They can also conduct research to help them find the best solutions for their problems and concerns.

Traditional Obstacles to B2B Sales

B2B sales, however, are more challenging due to the complexity of SaaS platforms. There are many obstacles that can hinder a B2B sales experience.

Business prospects, for example, often have to jump through many hoops before they can even approach a product. This is problematic, as Forrester states that three out of four B2B buyers prefer to educate themselves to learn about products and services. In other words, they must have access to assess their needs and determine if a product may address them. It can hinder sales and, sometimes, even kill a sales campaign if a product is not available in the early stages.

Many organizations place more emphasis on the prospect than the seller. These companies employ seller-centric strategies to sell that place more emphasis on the performance of the salesperson or team than on prospects.

Data Silos and Fragmentation

Many companies are restricted by data silos, which makes it difficult for them to be the best in B2-B sales. Marketing teams and sales reps may not always have the best information to engage with prospects.

This can lead to a frustrating and stagnant B2B sales experience. The proof is in the pudding. Gartner recently released a report that found nearly 80% of respondents used "very complicated or difficult" as a description for their recent purchase. The average B2B SaaS sale cycle takes a whopping 84 days. This is equivalent to spending a quarter on a purchase.

It's clear that the B2B sales experience has been hampered, and it's time for innovators. It is time to bring the B2-B sales model closer to the B2C model, which works so well. This is where Walnut comes in.

WeAreProspects Is Rewriting B2B Sales Experience

Walnut's new viral campaign #WeAreProspects was launched to address the problems in B2B sales. This initiative was created by Walnut to get real-world feedback from others on how to improve B2B purchasing experiences.

This campaign highlights poor customer service experiences. These problems can be solved by the campaign with discounted solutions. These solutions focus on B2B sales solutions, starting with Walnut’s innovative and leading-edge sales demo platform.

Walnut has made it a priority to improve the B2B sales experience. The company has not been limited to promoting its products and services through the #WeAreProspects campaign. The company has also brought in other companies to join the effort with tools that complement B2B sales.

Dooly, for example, helps to improve Salesforce hygiene. Postal helps automate offline marketing. Other partners include Contractbook, Sales Assembly, and Cloudshare, which all offer their unique B2B sales support.

The #WeAreProspects campaign offers cloud-based solutions to prospective buyers. It is relevant 21st-century solutions that are flexible and scalable. They will enhance B2B sales current while also setting up companies for success in the future.

WeAreProspects - Every One of Us

The #WeAreProspects initiative focuses on one goal: to bring the attention back towards the buyer. It brings the power of SaaS sales solutions into the B2B sales process.

Walnut and its partners are trying to simplify the buyer journey by doing this. SaaS platform adoption is still slow. They have teamed up to improve the buying process between businesses. Walnut hopes to make the buying experience easier and more efficient for both buyers and sellers.

It's a long-overdue and necessary change in the B2B selling process. Walnut's CEO Yoav Villner said that "we all are someone else's prospects."

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