What Brands Can Work With Twitch Influencers

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Written By Ishika Chauhan

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People often think of "influencers" and immediately think of Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Twitter, and YouTube. These social media giants have been tested and proven to be reliable. They are the best platforms for influencer marketing. But there is a new player on the block, and it has quietly been growing steadily over the years: Twitch. You can take a look at the incredible numbers that this platform has produced over the years (source Twitchtracker.com).

Why Twitch?

These Twitch statistics can be mind-blowing from a marketing perspective, as you can see. Twitch is a great platform for expanding your influencer marketing efforts. Twitch has its own version of influential influencers, with millions of followers. Dr. Disrespect, Ninja, and other celebrities stream content daily to thousands of viewers and are getting attention from mainstream media.

Twitch Can Help Your Bottom Line

Here are some tips to help you run a successful influencer marketing program now that Twitch has caught your attention.

Select The Right Influencer

The rulers of Twitch are the influencers: they lead and their loyal followers follow. It should be a priority to partner with an established and respected influencer. There are many content channels that offer new opportunities for Twitch influencers, but they are not necessarily related to gaming. So choose one that is relevant to your brand.

Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja on Twitch, is a popular influencer who makes almost $1 million per month playing Fortnite. These numbers may be legitimate if is able to investigate Tyler's public assets records. There are some caveats to consider when adding Twitch to influencer marketing strategies. 81.5% are male and 55% are between 15 and 34 years old. Although the demographics of Twitch are not very broad, it is possible to identify who you want to reach and tailor your efforts accordingly.

KFC chose to tap into the Twitch influencer's potential by choosing "DrLupo", real name Ben Lupo when they launched KFC. He is part of the Sports team Rogue.

Lupo and Anthony Kongphan ran a contest during a tournament of PUBG. To be awarded a gift certificate for KFC branches across America, viewers had to enter "winner winner" in the chatbox after they won a round. This cleverly ties into the KFC brand and refers to a popular phrase used by PUBG gamers: "winner chicken dinner".

During the stream, they also gave away prizes that were related to the game. Lupo often refers to KFC, with humorous mentions such as "Gotta have that chicken" or "KFC!" KFC!"

This type of interaction does a number of things. It associates KFC and a game people love. Plus, because it is an innovative advertising partnership, it got lots of media coverage. This is an excellent example of a creative partnership that KFC clearly planned and executed flawlessly.

Promote Interaction, not Your Products

Encourage genuine interaction between your brand's Twitch followers. The platform allows people to communicate and interact with one another and the influencers that they follow. Your promotional strategies will not help if you push your product or give users swag that they don't want. Twitch is a platform that allows users to participate in the experience that will affect the outcome. Most likely, it's a game. Old Spice's S.Q.U.I.D. activation launch via Twitch is a great example of how to leverage this platform and its users.

Innovate to Create New Worlds

Twitch allows you to unleash your creativity. Here, you can experiment beyond the boundaries and try new things. Try to create worlds that users will find themselves immersed in, transforming them from passive viewers into active participants. Let me give you an example: To promote Mr. Robot, NBC Universal created a hacker's den that streamed live on Twitch.

Make Entertainment Before Advertising

Twitch offers many regular advertising products, including takeovers and mid-rolls. These products give brands visibility on streams and channels, which is great for getting some exposure. The real action comes when brands use Twitch's extensive influencer network and select creative programs to power their marketing campaigns.

Consider Snickers' 2015 Twitch campaign titled "You're Not You When You're Hungry"

Twitch is geared more towards gamers, but it has huge potential for marketers. If you ask a regular Instagram user or Facebook user about Twitch, they may either give you a blank stare or begin twitching to show what it is like. Twitch is an online streaming and broadcasting platform that allows gamers to stream video. It's an online platform where you can see other people playing video games in real-time. Be skeptical about the notion that you can watch others play video games online. Take a look at the numbers.

Plus, Jeff Bezos and Co. are Usually Right

This streaming platform had so much potential and appeal that Amazon purchased it for $970m in 2014, just three years after its launch. Twitch today has channels for cooking and painting. Its user base is growing every year. The platform currently has over 15 million active users per day.

You can make a lot of money by betting if you believe Twitch marketing could help your brand. Although the platform can be volatile and high-risk, it is also highly rewarding. Be aware that the platform is a social network. This means you must embrace it - both demographically and in terms of quirkiness. Twitch users are known for being fickle and predominantly men, so you should be ready to feel the love or get trolled.

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