Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Celebration Ends in Tragedy: 1 Dead, 21 Injured in Shooting Near Union Station

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People Injured In Kansas City Shooting

At least one person died, and numerous individuals, including children and teenagers, sustained injuries in a shooting close to Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri, following the conclusion of the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory parade on Wednesday, authorities confirmed.

According to Kansas City Police Department Chief Stacey Graves, at least 21 people were injured in the shooting.

                                     Source: Times of India

Among them, eight had injuries classified as immediately life-threatening, seven had injuries deemed life-threatening, and six suffered minor injuries, as stated by Kansas City Fire Department Chief Ross Grundyson.

Children's Mercy Hospital officials reported that 12 children aged between 6 and 15 years old were receiving treatment at the hospital, with nine of them having gunshot wounds.

Fortunately, none were in critical condition, and all were expected to recover.

Where did the Shooting Happen?

  • During a press conference, Kansas City Police Department Chief Stacey Graves stated that the shooting occurred to the west of Union Station.
  • Authorities confirmed that all Chiefs players, coaches, and staff members had been located and were safe.

Arrests Made and Firearm Recovered After Shooting

  • Graves mentioned that three individuals were apprehended shortly after the shooting.
  • One suspect was arrested after a police chase immediately following the gunfire, as stated by Graves earlier on Wednesday.
  • Additionally, Graves confirmed that at least one firearm had been found.

Investigation and Victim Identification Following Shooting

Graves mentioned that she had heard about bystanders possibly helping to control at least one of the individuals detained, but she couldn't confirm these reports.

Graves stated that the police are still investigating the reason behind the shooting. According to a source in law enforcement speaking to CBS News, the shooting might have stemmed from an argument or dispute that escalated into violence.

The source emphasized that terrorism or extremism doesn't seem to be involved at this point. However, they noted that no possibilities have been ruled out yet.

                                  Source: KMBC

The identity of the person who died hasn't been officially disclosed, but a local radio station, KKFI, stated on Facebook that the victim was Lisa Lopez, one of their DJs.

KKFI expressed deep sadness and conveyed condolences to the family of Lisa Lopez, stating that she lost her life in the shooting at the KC Chiefs' rally. They extended their thoughts and prayers to her family during this difficult time.

What did Officials say?

According to officials, injured individuals were taken to three local hospitals. Saint Luke's Hospital informed CBS News that they were attending to one gunshot victim in critical condition.

University Health Hospital in Kansas City stated that they were treating eight gunshot victims, with two in critical condition, along with four other injured victims who were not shot.

"I'm furious about what occurred today," expressed Graves during a news conference. "Those attending this celebration should anticipate a safe environment."

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas shared that he sought safety upon hearing the gunshots.

He expressed gratitude towards law enforcement officers for their swift response, acknowledging their bravery in facing danger head-on. Mayor Lucas revealed that over 800 police officers were deployed for the parade.

"I'm devastated," remarked Lucas during the news conference. "I don't want us to have to constantly fear being shot at every major event in our country."

Statement of Governor “Laura Kelly”

In a subsequent statement, Governor Kelly lamented the tragedy, emphasizing that what should have been a celebratory day had turned into a day of mourning.

She thanked the courageous first responders and extended condolences to the victims' families.

Statement of President “Joe Biden”

President Biden issued a statement expressing sorrow over the shooting and urging Congress to enact stricter gun safety laws.

He emphasized the need to address the epidemic of gun violence plaguing communities.

Statement of NFL (National Football League)

The NFL released a statement expressing deep sadness over the shooting, offering thoughts for the victims and appreciation for the swift response of law enforcement and emergency personnel.

Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes Offers Prayers

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes took to social media, stating he was praying for Kansas City.

Travis Kelce Expresses Heartbreak and Solidarity

Travis Kelce expressed heartbreak over the tragedy and extended his thoughts to those affected, emphasizing the significance of Kansas City to him.

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