10 Most WhatsApp Features and Tricks You Must Know

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Written By Ishika Chauhan

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular and used apps. These are our top tips to get the most out of WhatsApp. You can read the 10 tricks below and leave your comments in the section below.

Best WhatsApp Tricks

1. Delete Sent Messages

WhatsApp allows you to delete messages for everyone. You can delete any message, photo, voice record, or file that you accidentally sent to the wrong person or message. This cool feature has been added to WhatsApp, making life easier.

The Time limit to delete a message to all as of the date this article was written is 1 hour 8 minutes and 16 seconds. If you wish to delete the message, you must do so within the specified time. Otherwise, the message will not be deleted.

How to Delete It?

You can long-press on the message to delete it. Then you will see "Delete for me" or "Delete for all". Click on "Delete All" to delete the message. However, it will still show "You deleted that message" in chat.

2. Send Money Instantly

Instantly send money to any WhatsApp contact using UPI. You will need to set up your payment option in WhatsApp.

After you have created your Payments account. Open the contact you wish to send money to, and click on the Attachments option. Next, click on the Payment option. Next, enter the amount you wish to send and then enter the UPI PIN. The money will be transferred from your bank account.

To receive and complete a successful transaction, the other receiver must also set up their UPI account.

3. Check Group or Contact Storage

We often receive lots of videos and photos from friends or groups. These photos and videos can increase WhatsApp storage. At one point, we don't even know who sent which media.

WhatsApp offers an option for you to see which group or contact has sent you the most media. To check, go to

Settings ---> Data and storage usage ---> Storage usage

If you wish to save storage, you can search for contacts or groups that have sent you media.

4. View and Export You are WhatsApp Data

WhatsApp just released a new update that allows you to download and export your WhatsApp user data. Download your WhatsApp data

Click on Settings --> Account ---> to request account information, tap the "Request Report" button.

It may take up to 3 days for the report you requested to be available and exported. Once the file has been received, you will be able to export it.

5. Share Live Location

WhatsApp users can share their location with friends and family. This feature allows you to find your family members or friends' locations. Open the chat with your friend, then click on the Attachments option. Next, click the "Location” option. You can also share your current location. Click on the button, and then choose the time period for which you would like to share your location.

6. Record Long Audio Messages Hands-free

Although you are familiar with how to record audio messages and how to do it quickly, have you ever wondered how to record long audio messages? You can record long audio messages quickly and easily without losing your microphone.

After a few seconds, click and hold the record button. A lock symbol will be displayed. Slide your finger towards the lock once the lock symbol appears.

WhatsApp now records without the need to have the record option.

7. Privately Broadcast Messages to Multiple Contacts

You can broadcast the same message to multiple people with the Broadcast option. This option can be used by:

Click the three dots menu in the top right to select "New broadcast". Next, click on the three-dot menu at the top right and select "New broadcast".

8. Modify Your WhatsApp Number

WhatsApp offers a flexible option to change your WhatsApp number without losing your WhatsApp data. Simply.

Click on Settings ---> Account ---> to Change Number. Next, enter your old number and then your new number.

You can verify your WhatsApp number without losing any of your data.

9. Stop Group Members from Changing the Group Title and Photo

One friend is the one who changes Group Title and Photos every time. To prevent people from changing the name or photos of your group,

Next, click on the name of the group and tap on "Group settings". Click on "Edit group information" and you'll see "Only admin", choose it and save it.

10. WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp Business is the app to download if you have a business, no matter how small or large, or are planning to start one. This app was recently released. WhatsApp Business allows you to easily connect with customers and makes your life easier. Simply download the app, register, and enter your company details. Instant replies to new customers are a unique feature of WhatsApp. You can send instant replies to customers who messaged you for the first time.

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