32 Fun & Easy Ways For Your Kids To Earn Money

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Written By Nidhi Sharma

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It is time to discuss how your children can make money as It teaches your child how to value a dollar and what they can do with it.

Your child's financial habits will be positively influenced by the way you make money. For example, delaying gratification or saving your money.

This could explain why 83% of parents of children (aged 8-14) wish that they knew more about money.

What can you do with your child to make sure they are financially secure? Here are 32 ways you can help your child make money.

Ways To Make Money As A Kid In Person

1. Take Care Of Your Household Chores

Take Care Of Your Household Chores

Doing chores around the home is probably the best way for children to earn money. Start by asking your child to list the chores that he or she is willing to do for money. You can also set a price per chore, such as vacuuming your living room or removing trash.

  • Your child can earn extra money by doing chores that are regularly scheduled.
  • For example, they could clean the garage or mow the lawn for $10.00.
  • This will motivate kids to take on chores that they don't normally enjoy such as cleaning their bathrooms or washing their cars.

Kids learn responsibility and how hard work is important when they help around the house. They will learn important life skills such as organization and time management, and how to manage their own time.

2. Help Neighbors With Their Yard Work

Help Neighbors With Their Yard Work

No matter the season, yard work is never done. It is necessary to pull weeds and pick up after pets. Yard work is hard work. Many people will pay another person to do the yard work.

👉 What about if you live somewhere colder? Your kids can make some extra money in winter by clearing snow from sidewalks and driveways.

3. Wash And Clean Your Car

Wash And Clean Your Car

Children love car washing and cleaning. It's not a good idea for them to work right next to busy streets. But, they can find customers by letting them go door-to-door to their neighbors or asking their friends and family.

👉 Encourage your child to become an entrepreneur by expanding their business to include RVs and campers.

Your child might not need to wash every item. They might organize, clean, vacuum, wipe down surfaces and dispose of trash.

They will likely need assistance with supplies and figuring out how to charge each vehicle.

4. Local Families Can Hire Babysitting Services

Local Families Can Hire Babysitting Services

Babysitting can be a lucrative career for teenagers and preteens. My siblings and I came from a large family so we were able to babysit for our cousins quite often.

It is not necessary to take a child safety and care course. This could make your child more marketable.

👉 In the U.S.  babysitters earn an average hourly rate of $18.50, However, hourly rates can differ greatly from one place to another, depending on the cost of living and minimum wage laws in your area.

5. Dog Walking Or Pet Sitting

Dog Walking Or Pet Sitting

Are you a parent of a child who is passionate about animals? Pet sitting and dog walking has many benefits. They could earn money, have cuddles and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, without needing to own a pet for a long time.

Dependent on your child's age, supervision may be necessary. Are you unsure where to start? Rover is the best way to make money outside of your family and friends.

6. Organizing And Holding Garage/Yard Sales

Children can make extra money by decluttering their bedrooms. Your child should first go through all of their belongings and help them determine what they are worth selling. They can then price the items and plan the sale.

Your child can also hold the sale at home if you have a big yard. If they don't have one, they can rent space at a flea marketplace or join a local garage sale. You can also help them promote the sale via social media and distribute flyers throughout the neighborhood.

Kids can also learn valuable customer service and marketing skills by participating in garage sales. They'll learn how to manage money and how to make changes such as having a rain date.

7. Don’t Hesitate To Lend A Helping Hand To A Senior

Some older people don't have the support they need from their family or friends. Your child can help out by offering to do little chores around your home or run errands with elderly residents in your area. It will be appreciated by your elderly neighbors and may help to lessen their loneliness.

This was something I did for my grandparents. I used to mow their lawn when I was younger. Later, I would drive them to the doctor or the grocery store. It wasn't about money to me. It was more about the opportunity to spend time with them.

8. You Can Set Up A Hot Chocolate Or Lemonade Stand

You Can Set Up A Hot Chocolate Or Lemonade Stand.

Selling lemonade is a great way to make money for your kids in the summer months.

  • They can also sell hot chocolate in the colder months.
  • To get started, let your child set up a table in your yard with chairs and a few other items.
  • You can display posters or streamers on the stand to draw customers.
  • A sign should list the prices for your child's hot chocolate or lemonade.
  • Customers can get free refills and cupcakes.
  • Your child can distribute flyers in the neighborhood or post them on social media to attract customers.

The stand can be set up with a sign explaining why your child is interested in earning money. You might be saving money for a trip or something special like new soccer cleats. People will buy products if they believe they will help their child achieve a goal.

9. Bake Goods

Bake Goods

Who doesn't like homemade cookies, brownies, and cupcakes? You can do three things by hosting a bake sale:

  • Yummy baked goods
  • Money
  • Make memories with your children
  • If you don't have any family recipes, you can find fun recipes online.

10. Earn By Helping Out-Of-Town Neighbors By Taking Care Of Their Plants And Collecting Their Mail

Even if your child doesn't have pets they can still help the out-of-town residents. They can pick up mail, newspapers, water plants and dispose of garbage cans when their neighbors are not there.

11. Be A Tutor

Be A Tutor

If your child is skilled in one or more of these areas, why not have them tutor others? They can also help others and make decent money.

Ask your classmates and family for help. They must first get the leaflets approved before they can post them in libraries, schools, or coffee shops.

👉 Particular math can be lucrative. Care states that tutoring costs for high school students range from $15 to $50 per hour.

12. Recycle Cans And Bottles

Is there a bottle deposit law in your state? Your child could make money recycling cans and bottles if there is one in your state. They can not only collect bottles and cans from their home but can also take them to local businesses or neighbors.
They can make money by collecting printer cartridges from friends and family, as well as local businesses using sites such as InkRecycling or TonerBuyer.

13. Participate In Events Or Give Music Lessons

Participate In Events Or Give Music Lessons

Are your children musically gifted? Encourage your child to share his or her talent with others.

They can also teach other students on weekends or after school, and perform at community events.

14. You Can Work In The Family Business

If you have a business, your children can make money and learn about business management. As a child, you can help with filing paperwork, answering phones, and stocking shelves.

Based on your child's age and type of business, you can assign work to them. If your child is old enough, you may be able to allow them to manage customer complaints and train new employees.

They will also learn how to be responsible and manage their time.

15. Part-Time Work

Teenagers can work part-time, depending on their age. Encourage teenagers to search for work during the weekends or in the evening. And, especially during summer break.

For adolescents looking to earn a steady income, YMCAs and movie theatres, libraries, frozen yogurt shops, and other jobs in the retail and service industries are great places to start.

16. Nextdoor Is A Great Place To Look For Local Gigs

If your child is permitted, social networking groups can help you find work in your local area.

 👉 Nextdoor allows teens aged 13 and over to offer services like babysitting, dog walking, and lawn mowing through Nextdoor.

Way To Make Money Online As A Kid

17. Sell Furniture And Clothing

👉 You can list gently used clothes on apps like Mercari and Poshmark or sell them at local consignment stores.

You can use Facebook Marketplace for larger items like furniture to find buyers and hold a meeting with your teenager. You should supervise your child's online sales to ensure safety.

18. You Can Play Online Games

Gamers who are interested in making a living playing video games can make a lot of money. There are many sites where gamers can make money online. These websites and apps that get paid to play require a genuine review from a gamer.

  • Playtestcloud is one of the most popular game-testing platforms.
  • It has been a great place for teens to make money.
  • This company is associated with Ubisoft, Zeptolab, and many other big names in gaming.

You can now review almost any game, including flash games and realistic 3D ones. They will send you a nice payment into your linked account as a reward.

They could also help other gamers use Skype to improve their gaming skills.

19. Participate In Surveys

Online surveys are a great option for kids who have plenty of time and don't require any prior experience or skills. Some sites allow teens as young as 13 to participate, such as Swagbucks or MyPoints. They work by allowing users to answer questions and share their opinions, earning cash or gift cards.

There are many drawbacks to this work, including mind-numbing monotony and low pay. You also have to give demographic data or other information. These are important things to remember for parents and kids before they move forward.

20. Create Illustrations

If your child is skilled in creating illustrations, they could earn a lot of money. You can help your child get started by investing in intuitive software such as Clip Studio Paint Pro and an illustration tablet. A portfolio on Deviantart is a great place to start.

21. Start A Blog

Start A Blog

If your child is a good writer, they may be able to start a blog that includes ads and sponsored posts. Blogging is a great way for children to share their thoughts and interests with others. It is a great way to teach your child how to use SEO and social media marketing.

If you want to encourage your child to create a blog, here are some things you should remember.

  • They must understand the time commitment required to maintain a successful blog.
  • They must be patient to attract significant traffic and generate income.
  • Help your child choose a catchy name and design a professional-looking blog.

Blogs can provide income in these ways:

  • Ads. Content creators can earn income by using AdSense every time someone clicks on their ads.
  • Sponsored posts Earn money by writing reviews or promoting products.
  • Affiliate Marketing.

22. Make Money From Their Social Media Accounts

You must be patient and dedicated to making money on social media. Children can also make money by creating content on social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, reviewing toys, and giving tutorials.

How can your child make money? For example, Instagram allows 13-year-olds and over to earn money through ads, sponsorships, or other paid content. They will earn more if they have more followers.

23. Manage Social Media Accounts

Social media is essential in today's digital world. Companies will also be able to market their products and services on these platforms as more people join them.

  • If a company has an account, it is natural to have a manager. Teens are familiar with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Instagram so they can benefit from them.
  • Many social media sites have age restrictions. Most social media accounts require that you are at least 13 years old to use them.

Your teenager might be able to work part-time for local businesses as a social media manager. They can create posts, edit photos, answer messages, and manage the account.

24. Earn Money Streaming On Twitch

Are your teen video game enthusiasts? Twitch is a platform for sharing that passion.

Under the supervision of a parent/guardian, 13-year-olds can set up live streams on the platform. They can then make money via sponsorships, donations, and affiliate marketing.

25. Handmade Creations Can Be Sold

Is your child gifted at jewelry making or crafting? They could also sell their creations online through websites such as Etsy. Your child will be able not only to express themselves creatively but also to make money.

To open an Etsy account, your age should be at least 18. your child can create listings and upload images.

These items can be made by children and sold on Etsy:

  • Handmade artwork
  • Jewellery
  • Homemade soaps
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Homemade Dog Treats
  • Elastic headbands
  • Birdhouses
  • Tell them, Zandra Cunningham, the 9-year-old creator of lip balm.

26. Online Selling Of T-Shirts

Online Selling Of T-Shirts

Selling t-shirts online can be a way for fashion-forward children to make some extra money. They can either design the shirts themselves or use a design from another person with permission. Once they have the design, they need to find a printer to print them.

👉 It's best to start small with platforms such as RedRubble, Cafepress, or Teesping.

Many online t-shirt companies often offer your designs for sale. You can also encourage your child's selling of t-shirts via social media or on their website. This is a great way to teach children about marketing, customer service, and entrepreneurship.

The child must either create their design or find an available one and ask permission to use it. They will need to locate a printing company to print the shirts.

It might seem unlikely that it will be lucrative initially. You might be skeptical at first. But you will be changed by the story of this 17-year-old entrepreneur who founded his own t-shirt company.

27. Photos For Sale

Your child can make a great hobby out of photography, which can help him or her express themselves and earn money.

👉 EyeEm and Foap are great places to sell photos.

28. Try Out The Apps

Because they are so immersed in the digital world, it makes sense that our children test apps and make money.

👉 UberTesters or TesterWork are two of the best places to start.

29. Create Online Courses

Online learning is growing rapidly, so it's not surprising that many people are searching for courses on any topic. If your teenager is an expert in a specific field, it's possible to create and sell a course online.

To start their course, they will need to choose a platform like Udemy, Skillshare etc. They can then create audio, video, and PDF content for their course. The final step is to set a price and begin selling their course.

30. As A Slice The Pie Reviewer, You Can Join Us

They can provide feedback to artists and designers before new products like songs, commercials, or accessories hit the marketplace. You never know what you might find. Your child might be able to see or learn about these products.

Teens as young as 13 can earn money writing reviews. The quality of your reviews will influence your pay.

31. Publishing A Book

To become an author, you don't need a publishing house. Consider publishing short stories or poetry by your child to make money.

Self-publishing is now easier than ever thanks to e-books and easy self-publishing. Bella J. Dark published The Lost Cat at the age of five!

32. Become A Youth Investor

Children are not allowed to invest. However, in some cases, children may be able to invest in their parents and open an account. However, it is important to start investing early in life.

👉 Acretrader and Acorns are great places to start.

Ask your child to manage a family account that is only a few dollars per month. They'll be able to save enough money over time to have a good nest egg as an adult.


In conclusion, teaching your kids fun and easy ways to earn money can be an excellent way to instill financial responsibility, work ethic, and creativity. Encouraging your children to take on tasks and find opportunities to make money on their own can help them learn valuable life skills that they can carry with them into adulthood.

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