Best 5 Handy Resources You Will Need in Your Bookmarks Bar

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Written By Nidhi Sharma

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The internet will be the new frontier of opportunity in 2022. It doesn't matter if you use it for news, to stay connected with friends, or to try TikTok’s latest craze recipe. There's no limit to what you can do online.

There are many hidden gems among click-bait ads that go beyond the obvious websites and apps. These are the top five websites that every person should bookmark if they're looking for useful and new resources.

Wine Pairing Wheel

A glass of wine is the perfect way to relax after a hard day at work. Depending on how many calls you have received that day, the whole bottle. The art of wine pairing is no longer possible with all the varieties available. What can you do?

To impress your guests, you don’t have to be a master sommelier. Instead, you can use the wine pairing tool by Pasta Evangelists. It's simple and intuitive, simply enter the flavor profile of the dish and select the key ingredient you wish to highlight, then let experts suggest the right bottle to wash it down with.


Graphic design is not everyone's favorite hobby. Graphic design is not everyone's passion. Pixabay makes it easy.

You can access millions of royalty-free images on the website by clicking a button. You can create quick designs that illustrate your idea quickly without having to take photos or create original art. The platform offers unique imagery of everyday objects, scenes and logos. They are also free and high-quality.


All of the important documents we deal with every day, such as rental agreements, employment contracts and flight tickets, can now be downloaded digitally in PDF format. Digital PDFs are a far cry from office document folders. They don't comply with privacy requirements and can be hard to find. Digital documentation has many problems. You can't just grab a pen and sign the document. What's the solution?

DocFly lets you create PDFs online from any web browser. Drag and drop your files to the secure web app. You can fill in text, sign and modify up to three documents per calendar month. It is possible to convert between file types and compress them for email. You can also avoid annual subscriptions that could eat into your budget.


ScribbleMaps a simple service that does exactly what it says. Satellite maps can be drawn, edited and marked in the same way as physical ones. These are the things you should be remembering. There are many popular mapping tools available, but ScribbleMaps is unique in that it is completely customizable.

You can embed images and data for free, then share them with family and friends online. ScribbleMaps is designed for both casual and professional users. You can take on the role of a builder and create custom-made maps that will help you plan where a new development will be located. Or, work with others to find the fastest route to an everyday activity such as carpooling.


We all know that sharing rides can lead to awkward situations in social situations. Although no one wants to be asked for gas money, if you are the designated driver, it is possible that you could end up paying a lot of money by offering lifts. You might find the right tool for you in these situations by doing some online research. Enter Fuelly.

Fuelly monitors your car's fuel consumption and mileage to determine the true cost of your trips. You can then analyze the data and trim expenses, and even share it with friends and family. Fuelly makes it easy to track how much you spend on travel. No need to have awkward conversations about a dollar worth of travel.

Your life will be easier. You'll never forget about the internet's simple tools. But if these five sites are added to your bookmarks bar you won't miss them again.

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