How To Make The Best SEO Strategy: Step by Step Guide

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Written By Nipun Singh

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It is crucial to create a strong SEO strategy that will get you noticed on Google. Although there are many ways to approach this task, these five steps are the most important.

Source Your Keywords

Doing keyword research is the most important thing. You can simply go to Google to search for your keyword. Google Suggest is worth your attention. This is the dropdown menu with related keywords which will appear after you search for your keyword. Google Suggest is a tool that will allow you to find high-demand keywords. These keywords are what Google knows are most searched for online.

You should also be able to distinguish between long-tail keywords like high-quality coffee machines and shorter-tail keywords like coffee machines.

The First Page: Snoop!

It's important to study your competitors when doing your research. Do some competitive analysis manually when you are doing keyword research. Look up the keyword to see which content and websites are ranking in the same category. What are the top three results when you search for your keyword on Google These image galleries, blog posts, or listicles are they all the same?

After you have done your research on the top Google results, you can try to copy their content and improve your content according to what these sites are doing. You shouldn't copy their style or content completely. You can take what works for you, but you should keep some of your authenticity in the content that you publish.

Write Your Content

Your content is the most important thing that can boost your SEO efforts. Once you have done thorough research about the keywords you will be using, you can start to write the content you need.

You might want to write an article on coffee machines. The top results under this title will direct you to articles that include step-by-step instructions.

You must also use the keyword "how to use coffee machines" to be able to compete with this content. Also, you should use related keywords like "types and quality of coffee machines" or "quality coffee machines". This will allow you to add more value to the searcher's eyes by adding more content to your site. You will have a greater chance of being found if you use related keywords than if you only use your primary keyword.

Optimize On-Page SEO And Keyword Usage

It's a smart decision to include your primary keyword in every 100 words when creating an SEO strategy. You should use your primary keyword approximately 10 times for every 10,000 words in a blog post. You should also make sure your keyword is in prominent positions like headings, H1 tags, titles, etc. If possible, add images to match the keywords-based titles or Alt descriptions.

This is only a small part of the many benefits that optimizing On-page Search Engine Optimization can bring to your website. There are many companies that specialize in developing effective SEO strategies in Australia. If you are new to SEO or need professional guidance, there are many SEO companies in Sydney that can help you get started.

Link Building

To wrap it all up, quality backlinks are essential if you want to make your SEO efforts pay off. This is how it works.

It doesn't matter if the top 100 Google pages link to a page on "coffee machines", but it will rank higher than any other on-site SEO page because it has backlinks. Even if they have backlinks from low-quality websites, they can rank everyone.

Here's how to get backlinks. You can send a customized email to any relevant blogger, website, or influencer and ask for a backlink. Backlinks can be created by guest posting, creating valuable resources, or finding mentions for brands without backlinks. Cold outreach is the best way to create backlinks. Sometimes asking for help is all that's needed.


There are many ways to build an SEO strategy that will increase your website's ranking. These five steps are the foundation and most crucial to ensure success with SEO on your site.

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