Some Interesting Facts About Microsoft Corporation

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In this article, we are going to cover the top 15 most interesting facts about Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation can be defined in many different ways! Microsoft Corporation is the company behind Windows Operating System and much other software.

Microsoft offers a platform that allows developers to create many tools and utilities. This includes basic text editors as well as high-end video editing software.

Microsoft is why gadget geeks have Lumia Smartphones and Surface tablets. Microsoft Corporation offers a wide range of products.

Microsoft is a technology company, so despite all this, there are still some fascinating facts about it! You will enjoy learning more about Microsoft, whether you're a Microsoft enthusiast or looking for a job at this company.

We have listed 15 of the most fun facts about Microsoft in this article. Let's get started.

Microsoft has Code-Names Available for Projects

Perhaps you are familiar with Android codenames such as Marshmallow. Microsoft was used to giving code names to its projects long before this happened.

  • Although the list includes unidentified projects, it can be started with Windows XP which was code-named Whistler. It was named after Whistler in British Columbia, a city known for its design retreats.
  • Blackcomb is available for Windows 7 and Threshold on Windows 8.1.
  • Spartan is the latest code name that we can draw for the common products sector.This name was given to the Microsoft Edge web browser.
  • Redstone is the latest update to Windows 10.

Microsoft was the Result of Dropping Out

If you are looking for inspiration to leave college and start your own business, this is the place. It has become very popular and Bill Gates had no choice but to leave Harvard University to start Micro-Soft.

When it was First Started, it was Micro-Soft

We are now familiar with the name "Microsoft" without the hyphen. The name of the company was "Micro-Soft" at the beginning. Microcomputers and Software were the names that were used to create the name.

The hyphen was eventually removed from the name to give it a single-word, three-syllable brand name. This would be a fascinating fact about Microsoft for those who believed it to be 'Microsoft from the beginning.

A Staggering Number of Patents

This is quite obvious given the nature of Microsoft, which has a large number of innovative technologies and products. Microsoft holds a position amongst the top five patent holders in America with more than 10000 patents.

The number of patents is increasing every day, which is quite natural. This list includes patents for software products and devices as well as other services. There are many more products backstage of Microsoft Corporation. This is quite natural.

Microsoft Was the Result of Friendship

Microsoft, like every other successful company, had strong friendships to support it. You may be familiar with the fact that Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and their childhood friends.

Gates was also married to Melinda French who was an employee at Microsoft. After its founding, the bond of friendship and relationships was not broken. Bill Gates was a college friend of Steve Balmer, Microsoft's most prominent CEO.

Microsoft Pays Very High

If you didn't know, a Microsoft employee can be called "Softie" -- which is perhaps the most appropriate name for someone who works in such a large company.

Microsoft employs many softies. The average salary for a Microsoft employee is $108000. This is huge. This is the average salary for developers, but it could go up as we move into other areas.

A Wonderful Art Collection

Microsoft Corporation has a large collection of artworks that include sculptures and paintings. This practice is based on the idea that artwork placed in work spaces can reduce stress and improve productivity.

It is an artwork collection that is regularly updated and has its place on Microsoft campuses. This is an interesting fact, as Microsoft would have preferred to keep a collection of notable computer hardware -- if it was a normal company.

Microsoft Take Care Employees

Microsoft, along with many multinational tech companies, is known for creating a great working environment for its employees on different campuses across the globe. When you become a Microsoft employee, there is no need to spend extra money if you feel thirsty.

The campus will offer a selection of beverages, and employees can choose the drink they prefer. According to statistics, the majority of Microsoft employees drink Orange Juice and Milk. Microsoft treats employees with free candies and drinks.

The Games of Legalities

Microsoft is known for creating legal problems and seeing other people and companies. It was also able to resolve the Apple Inc lawsuits regarding copying GUI and Tiled windows.

The company continues to be active in the execution of legal suites, thereby securing its status as an all-around tech giant. Not surprisingly, Microsoft's legal battles often focus on ensuring monopoly in the sector -- that is, eliminating competitors.

M&M's Way to Celebrate Anniversaries

There are many ways to celebrate your anniversary at work. In Microsoft workplaces, employees must bring one pound of M&M, that Mars-made button-shaped candy.

This depends on how many years they have been employed. If you've been with Microsoft for five years, you'll need five pounds of M&M.

The Story of MS-DOS

Microsoft purchased another company before it created MS-DOS. This acronym stands for Microsoft Disk Operating Systems. Microsoft acquired QDOS, Quick and Dirty Operating System, on the 27th th July 1981. The firm received a $25000 value.

The OS underwent several changes and was transformed into MS-DOS. It was launched alongside IBMP PC/XT. The IBM-made device ran on the then-new OS from Microsoft Corporation.

People at Microsoft Love Pizza

As we have already mentioned, Microsoft is well-known for giving employees free drinks. This free service is not available for food.

However, cafeterias can be found all over Microsoft campuses and are expected to provide food for a large number of employees each day.

According to statistics, pizza is the most popular food choice of Microsoft employees. These cafeterias can take care of up to 100 employees at a time. Last but not least, Microsoft doesn't compromise on the quality or availability of delicious food at the workplace.

Watch Out for Interviews

Let's say you are interested in a job at Microsoft. After you have completed the exams and passed the qualifications, the next step is the interview. Microsoft interviews are fun because you can expect any type of question from them.

You might get asked about something simple like a manhole, or more complex topics. Even if you're looking for a job that is code-rich, such as a developer, there may not be many questions about what you know. Interviewers would instead test the logic, sense, and other basic skills of the candidate.

According to rumors, this trend of asking unexpected questions was started by Microsoft and brought to the forefront by Google and other companies.

Microsoft Acquires 190+ Companies

Microsoft's business culture allows for acquisition. Microsoft has acquired over 190 companies from various sectors and categories.

Microsoft acquired Skype and Hotmail in this time frame. Both were notable and beneficial, it is obvious. Wikipedia records show that the most recent acquisition occurred on 24 April 2007.

Interesting Facts About Microsoft - Conclusion

We've now covered the top 15 most interesting facts about Microsoft Corporation. We will be able to share more interesting facts about Microsoft Corporation as they continue to grow and remain the tech giant that it is.

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