Secret Photos Feature: Make Your Recently Deleted & Hidden Photos More Secure

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Written By Nidhi Sharma

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You may have discovered new features that you didn't even know you needed after upgrading your Mac to macOS Ventura. The Continuity Camera is one of the most anticipated features. It allows you to use your iPhone's powerful camera features to create a wired or wireless webcam to connect to your computer to make video group calls. Live captions are another useful feature that can be used for audio and visual content downloaded from a Mac computer. Many of the MacOS Ventura's most talked about enhancements are focused on making stock Apple apps more intuitive. However, there are many upgrades that improve the operating system and its many apps in terms of privacy and security.

Safari now has a strong password recommendation mechanism. This ensures that you can secure your accounts on different websites using almost unbreakable strings of characters, according to the platform's password specifications. People who enjoy using Notes on their computer can now use their computer login password to create a new one or change their existing one to protect their notes from prying eyes. Photos also has an important security feature that protects certain albums.

Albums Can Now Be Password Protected In The Photos App

Similar to Notes, you can now create passwords for Hidden and Recently Deleted albums within Photos. This will keep them safe and secure. This MacOS Ventura feature defaults to being enabled. To access either the album or the password, you will need to enter your Mac's login password.

This is particularly useful for those who frequently transfer photos to a secret space in the Photos app. That way, other people with access to the machine will not be able view or snoop on private shots. These steps will help you prevent photos from being displayed in the library.

Launch the Photos App.

Click "Library" in the sidebar.

Choose the photo or group you want to hide.

Select "Image" from a menu bar at the top of your computer screen and then click "Hide [number] photos."

To close, click "Hide".

The "Hidden Photos" folder will be created from these marked photos. You can access it by clicking "Library" in the sidebar, and then hitting "View" in the menu bar to view the hidden photo album. To display hidden photos, the password-lock feature on MacOS Ventura is automatically activated.

Hidden photos are password protected so other users can't just access them. Photos that have been moved to the Recently Deleted album may be restored and moved back to the main Photos library after the time period indicated for each file.

Where Can I Find The Password-Protect Switch For Photos?

Photos may not allow you to see Hidden or Recently Deleted folders if you don't have a Touch ID prompt or password. You can manually verify that this feature is enabled in the app's settings. Here's how:

  1. Open the Photos app and select "Photos" in the top menu bar. Next, go to "Settings".
  2. Navigate to "General" tab.
  3. Make sure you check the box next to Privacy for "Use Touch ID" or "Password".

You will be asked to enter your Mac's login password when the feature is turned on. Or, use Touch ID. A custom password will not be possible, unlike the Notes app's ability to create notes. Follow the above steps to disable passwords for these albums. This feature is not recommended to be turned off for security reasons. You should have the same functionality if you own an iPhone that was recently updated to iOS 16.

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