Top 8+ Companies That are Steadily Investing in AI Startups

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Written By Ishika Chauhan

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The number of investment in AI startups has risen dramatically, which has facilitated the industry's growth and development.

Artificial intelligence is the next frontier in development. Artificial intelligence is the next frontier of development. The possibility for self-driving cars or humanoid robotics is not a sci-fi. All credit goes to venture capitalists who invest in these AI companies to speed up their growth and development. We have listed the top AI startup investors that you should be aware of.

Canaan Partners

Canaan Venture Capital is an early-stage venture capital company that invests in visionary entrepreneurs. Canaan has invested over 200 times in the exits of its diversified fund, which has financed some of the most prominent technology and healthcare companies around the globe over the past 33+ year. Canaan's main focus areas are Consumer Tech, Enterprise Fintech, Frontier Tech and Life Sciences.


Casetext is an A.I. widely used. Legal research technology that is widely used across the legal market, from large Am Law 100 law firms to sole practitioners. The award-winning technology combines traditional search functionality with its CARA A.I.-powered context search. This allows for faster finding on-point authorities by focusing on the context. The company was founded by former litigators from the top law firms and Ph.D. data scientist and A.I. leaders. Casetext is a tool that allows legal researchers to find the most relevant cases faster and include many they might otherwise have missed.


Clarifai, an AI platform that deep-learns to model unstructured images, text, or audio data, is called Clarifai. It assists public and private sector organisations transform unstructured data into structured data much faster than human beings can. Its technology can be used in many industries, including media, entertainment, defense, and manufacturing.


CognitiveScale was the first to introduce the concept of "Trusted AI" and paved the way for responsible Enterprise AI development. The Cortex platform, which is supported by 164 AI patents allows data scientists and citizen developers the ability to create, understand, and analyze intelligent, transparent and trusted AI systems from any data on any cloud. By simplifying the development, deployment, and management of AI systems, CognitiveScale is revolutionizing how organizations across industries-healthcare, financial services, insurance, and digital commerce- engage with customers, optimize services, and deliver on bottom-line goals--all while protecting them from business risk.

Comet Labs

It is a startup platform and venture capital fund that was founded in 2015. It supports and invests in deep-tech companies and artificial intelligence, which are transforming some of the most important industries in the world. Our thesis is that AI/robotics will allow humanity to rethink, rebuild and rebuild vertically. In the last few years, machine learning and robotics technologies have advanced dramatically. It is becoming harder to define what is possible. But, to introduce AI to traditional industries, you need a new and more collaborative approach.


CopyAI is an AI-powered copywriting tool for businesses. These automated tools allow users to create marketing copy in just seconds. CopyAI's platform includes social media primary text, headlines and link descriptions. It also allows users to generate marketing copy in seconds. This allows digital agencies, copywriters and eCommerce brands to save time while improving conversion rates.


Venture capital firm CRV invests in startups at the early stages of tech. The firm has invested in over 500 startups during their most critical stages since 1970, including Vercel, DoorDash, and Airtable. To build a great business, founders need more than capital. Partner who is able to understand the entrepreneurial journey and what it takes for a company to succeed requires a partner. CRV is with you every step of your entrepreneurial journey, from founding to IPO and beyond.

Data Collective

Collective Data, which is based in Cedar Rapids (Iowa), is a leader in fleet and asset management software. Because their fleets and equipment are mission-critical, we serve medium to large companies. Collective Data products can be used in a variety of ways to increase productivity and flexibility within fleet operations. Collective Data software offers high-end solutions for companies looking to become serious about data collection.


Dataminr uses real-time AI, public data, and newsrooms to generate relevant and actionable alerts that are useful for clients such as global corporations, newsrooms, NGOs, and public sector agencies. The world's most advanced AI platform detects emerging risks and high-impact events from hundreds of thousands public data sources. The platform's real-time alerts allow hundreds of organizations from both the public and private sectors around the globe to be the first to know about breaking events, devise effective risk mitigation strategies and respond quickly when crises occur.


DataVisor, an AI-Powered Fraud and Risk Management Platform, is a leader in enabling organizations to react to rapidly-evolving cyberattacks and to mitigate risk as they occur. Their mission is to help large consumers-facing businesses protect themselves and their customers from cyber threats, and restore trust and safety online. DataVisor has been venture-backed by Sequoia Capital and New View Capital. It is Series-C funded. It is a recognized industry leader and has been adopted worldwide by many Fortune 500 companies.

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