Top 16 Interview Questions for Web Developers

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Written By Nipun Singh

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It is crucial to ask the right questions when choosing a web developer. Your website is often their first contact with your brand. Your first impression should be positive.

Before you hire a web developer, it is important to ask the right questions.

This will increase your chances of finding someone who shares the same vision as you and can deliver the website or user experience you want.

👉 These are 16 questions you should ask your next web developer.

1. Have You Ever Worked on Projects With Similar Goals as Mine?

It won't be possible for your developer to envision what you want. It is crucial to make sure your developer can understand what you want and create a process around it.

If your developer has never worked on these types of projects before, you are in serious trouble. It will take twice as long because of the extra research and planning that is required to make up for a lack of experience.

2. How does Your Research Flow?

It should be simple to navigate your site for customers. If they leave your site confused, the developer has not done their job.

Did they conduct enough research to understand your target audience? Do they know your brand and identity? These questions are crucial in building a website that represents you accurately.

3. Is There a Standard Time to Complete a Web-Development Project?

It is important to set a deadline for your website's completion. It is crucial to find someone who can complete your project within the given timeframe.

Different developers have different deadlines. This is okay, but you must ensure that your schedule and availability match theirs. You must maximize your budget while following the same schedule.

4. What Services are Available?

Different developers offer different services and packages. It is up to you to choose the right package for you. Are they using SEO techniques? How skilled are they in design?

Is it possible for them to provide social media services? Make a list of the services you want to include in your agreement.

Talk with your potential developer about each one. Ask them about any additional features you need so that you don't waste time.

5. What does Your SEO Strategy Look Like?

What can your developer do to optimize search engine optimization to rank your site higher in search engines? What can they do to improve their visibility?

If your developer does not intend to use keyword research or other optimization strategies to increase lead generation and engagement for your business, it is better to choose another option.

Your website should serve as a platform where people can find information, explore and then convert. A website without SEO is doomed for failure.

6. Are There Any Edits I can Make?

Websites evolve. It is crucial to clearly define the editing process. Are they easy to access? It is possible to find out what tools and software they offer so that you can decide if it's worth your time.

Once the developer has finished, you can decide how much editing access you would like to your site.

7. Are You Part of a Content Marketing Program?

Although your web developer might create a website for you, that does not guarantee that it will bring in leads, convert visitors, or increase your ROI.

Ask your provider whether content marketing is part of their package. Many benefits can be gained from a content marketing package.

These benefits include optimizing all content, visitor engagement, and creating high-quality content that ranks higher in the SERPs.

If you already have a content strategy in place for your company, you don't have to pay attention.

8. Are There Any Clients or References You Can Provide?

Ask past clients or referees for an honest and objective assessment of your experience working with a potential developer.

9. What do You Expect From Me?

Think about how involved you want to be in web design. Do you want to be involved in major decisions, or do you prefer to leave it up to the developer?

It is important to assess your expectations regarding their involvement. You will not achieve the results you want if you disagree with them.

10. How Much does a Project of This Scope Cost?

Developer rates can vary widely. Before you make a decision on your budget and the price you are willing, do your research. Don't choose the cheapest developer. You will get what you pay for and end up with a site that you don’t love.

It's better to spend more money on a job well done than to cut corners or pay more to make up the difference in quality.

11. Do you Outsource Projects or do They Get Completed in-House?

Sometimes, web designers or agencies might offer multiple services, such as content marketing and social media packages. However, they may not have the staff required to complete the project.

This can cause delays in projects, poor communication, and extra costs. Before you sign up, ask your web developer whether they will collaborate with third-party developers or in-house.

A web designer might be interested to outsource some of their work. Find out more about their partners and what they can do for you.

12. Which Assets Should I Offer?

Before you meet with a web designer, gather all of your company branding assets. These assets can include fonts, colors, and brand guide documents.

To determine who will provide the content, photos, and graphics, meet with a web agency/developer.

These elements can be provided or created by web agencies, and web developers and this work will be included in your bill.

13. Is There a Timeline?

It is difficult to predict the time it will take for a web design project. This is especially true when there are major edits or changes to the scope that must be made during the project.

Remember that the more time it takes to create a website, the fewer potential customers and clients you will have.

Before you sign any agreement, ask for a timeline that details the project and milestones that will lead up to a launch date.

To communicate with the developer about the progress of your project, create a communication plan.

14. Do You Offer Templates as Well as Custom Websites?

A web agency or developer may offer custom and template websites depending on your needs and budget. A template website is not only affordable but can also be used to make unique websites.

If you use multiple plugins for your website template, your website may be damaged. Visitors will also recognize template websites that have a cookie-cutter look.

Custom websites can be built for you, and only include the code you need. An experienced web developer can help make your website more efficient and cleaner on the back end. This will improve your site's performance.

Custom-built websites can be more costly and take longer to build. No matter which type of website you choose, make sure your web developer can create custom websites as well as templates.

15. How Many Design Changes Can I Make?

Third parties may draft a project differently than you. Many web agencies and developers allow for a restricted number of revisions to reduce project creep.

Before signing any agreement, be aware of the number of revisions that you are permitted to make. Be aware of any fees that may apply to future revisions.

16. Do You Charge by the Hour, Milestone, or Fixed Fee?

You must know the cost of hiring a developer. A project that was priced reasonably can quickly become a costly, high-end website due to fees and other payments.

While working with someone who charges by the hour can give you more control over the result, it can also lead to overspending your budget.

Fixed-price web developers can help you stay within your budget while also providing a fast turnaround. The milestone fee is an acceptable compromise between fixed and hourly costs.

It’s All Wrapped Up

Finding the right web developer takes time. It takes time to find the right web developer. However, it is worth knowing your goals and keeping your customer in mind.

It is crucial to find a web designer who understands your brand and can help you reach your goals. The best way to find the right person is to ask the right questions.

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