How to Home Security System Be Made More Effective?

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Research shows that there are approximately 2.5 million burglaries each year in the USA. This is also a surprising 37% decrease in cases since 2008. As technology improves, we can expect the trend to continue downward.

A secure home is the best way for your family to be safe. It can be hard to find the best security tips to keep your home safe and secure without ever leaving the house.

Despite the many dangers, most homes don't have security systems in place. This can be seen from the fact that most burglaries happen in the middle of the day, without any premeditation. Once they have identified a house they want to rob, they plan their escape.

A security system can help protect your family from theft and other threats. You can have your home and all property protected by the system.

This allows you to live your life and not worry about your home. A home security system that acts as a deterrent can help protect your family members from potential danger.

There are many home security systems available that can meet almost all needs. We will show you how to protect your home and contents from intrusions.

Installing Additional Video and Audio Recorders

Look no further if you're looking for a traditional home security system. Standard home security systems include alarms, video and sound recorders as well as doorbells.

If your house requires more equipment to enhance its system, you may need an additional package. You may need to purchase an additional camera for your blind spots.

A video or audio recorder can be a great way to keep an eye on everything in your home. You may be able to record only certain events, depending on how strict your recording requirements are.

The best audio and video recorders can store hours of footage. This makes them a great tool for documenting any household events. It is important to choose high-quality cameras for home security cameras that can record at high resolution.

An indoor HD ADT cam costs around $130 and can be paid in monthly installments. It would be heartbreaking if you have footage that could help solve a crime, but the quality of the footage is poor.

A DVR is a storage device that can be used to monitor your camera's movements. You can also connect your camera to an internet connection and benefit from cloud storage. Cloud storage stores data longer and is safer.

Pair your camera with motion sensors to make things even more interesting. Any motion will automatically trigger the camera to move in that direction. It is better to hire professionals if you don't have any experience installing security systems.

This could be because you may not have done a thorough assessment of your security risk and missed opportunities. It is possible that you have trouble configuring or integrating your new devices.

Installing Outdoor Lighting

According to a study conducted in 2018, it was found that Homes with outdoor lighting are less likely to be burglarized. This was 7% more than homes without outdoor lighting. Therefore, consider getting outdoor lighting.

Traditional lighting can be a problem because it could expose weak points and highlight areas where burglars might hide. It can be counterproductive. Consider installing motion-activated lighting in your home.

They are effective deterrents because they can be activated by motion. Imagine burglars breaking into your home only to be stunned by the security lights. In the event of suspicious activity on your property, the light would alert you and your neighbors.

These lights can be set up to automatically turn on at night and off at dawn. You don't have to be there to flip the switch.

Door and Doorbell Protection

Your first line of defense against burglary is your door. Install a deadbolt protection. A deadbolt protector can be a powerful tool in countering thieves who have the tools to pick locks. The protector serves to prevent the lock's turning.

Protect your doorbell camera by taking precautions. To protect it, you can place a protective mesh on it. It will protect it against theft.

Portal Security and Smartphone Security

You can use your smartphone or tablet as a security guard if you have one. It is important to make your home security system as easy as possible, as many countries allow people to use smartphones to identify themselves.

You can pair your home security system with a smart lock and you will forget about the physical keys. Your smartphone can be used to unlock your doors. You can keep activity logs on your phone

Smartphone security is particularly effective for monitoring entry and exit points to your home. It can control security cameras to monitor who is trying to enter your home without permission.

While on vacation, you can also control other home automation devices from your phone. You can make it appear that you are at home, since burglars look for inactivity. Your phone can be used to turn on lights and draw curtains.

Automated Emergency Response Systems

An automated emergency response system (AERS) is another way to protect your home. To ensure that your AERS system works properly and efficiently, it should be installed by a qualified professional. Most home security systems don't have an AERS system built in. You will need to buy one separately.

AERS systems send alerts to the system if someone attempts to interfere with it. Make sure to inform your family about your system and train them. To help you remember to arm or disarm your system, create a routine for yourself and your family.

Particular attention should be paid to your garage, especially if it has an automatic garage door. To ensure that everyone who enters the garage door is authorized, you should set up additional security protocols.


A safe and secure environment requires home security. Your quality of life can be affected if you worry about your home security. There are many ways to protect your home against intrusion. These include doorbells, video and audio recorders, and even recording devices.

You can take your time to secure your home, whether you are looking for ways to keep your front door safe or more sophisticated home security systems. Sometimes, having a system in place can be enough to protect your home. A dog can help you protect your home if you are a lover of animals. Dogs often deter burglars.

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