Adaptability is The Key to Leveraging AI and IoT, NFTs. The Cloud and the Metaverse

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Written By Nipun Singh

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How can companies make smarter use of the IoT, sustainable cloud, and other tools in an age of human-AI collaboration? We look at our top picks as a result of guest contributors. These articles give a look back at the year and discuss the challenges of AI adoption and tools that can help make it easier. They also discuss the art and science behind cloud sustainability, NFTs' impact, and strategies to improve tech collaboration.

AI-powered image tools are pushing artists toward existential angst. IoT adoption is a challenge. How can eSIM/iSIM help? How can the cloud help enterprises drive sustainability? What has the impact of NFTs on luxury brands and how do they affect our perceptions? What tools and strategies can be used to decode the metaverse and overcome AI adoption challenges? These are important questions today. It is not easy to adapt to new trends or adopt the latest technology.

Let's take an in-depth look at the articles featured in the spotlight.

AI-Powered Image Tools: Is There A Crisis for Visual Artists?

The emergence of AI-powered image tools has clearly affected visual art and artists. Our perceptions and understandings of visual art, as well as the creative process behind them, are changing with generative AI. Brian Jackson, Research Director at Info-Tech Research Group explores the potential of generative AI and its creative potential. He also discusses how it will affect the future of visual arts.

IoT Adoption Could be Made Possible by eSIM or iSIM

Since they offer the possibility of changing how connectivity is delivered, the embedded SIM (eSIM), as well as the integrated SIM(iSIM), have been a topic of discussion for some time. Matt Hatton is Transforma Insights' founding partner. He discusses eSIM/iSIM, their implications for IoT adoption, and the idea to reduce the cost of deploying cellular IoT.

The Cloud is A Powerful Tool for Sustainability

Cloud architecture is a way to reduce carbon emissions and foster sustainable innovation. How can enterprises take advantage of the cloud's sustainability benefits?

Clara Angotti is president and co-founder at Next Pathway. She discusses why the cloud is essential for a sustainable future and how it can be used to drive conscious sustainability.

How Luxury Brand Marketing is Evolving with NFTs

NFTs have been the subject of much hype in recent years. While we still don't know how it will play out, a heated debate has raged about how brands could use them to connect with their customers. Hologenix's marketing director, Charlotte Pratt discusses how luxury brands could incorporate NFTs into their marketing strategies. NFTs are a great way for brands to remain relevant and sustainable as cryptocurrency and blockchain become more mainstream.

How Data Analytics can Help Decode The Metaverse

The metaverse is driven by data. Laxminarayanan, senior vice president and head of global delivery at Polestar Solutions, gives a glimpse into the future and shows how data analytics will impact our lives. Prepare your company for immersive virtual reality environments. You need to be ready to capture and hold the attention in a space that is rapidly becoming crowded.

What are The key AI Development and Implementation Issues?

AI has many potential benefits, but there are also challenges in its implementation and development. Although artificial intelligence is important in many aspects of our lives, we can't deny its importance. However, it requires common solutions to achieve its benefits. Exadel's AI practice leader Serhii Popielov takes a closer look into the top ten obstacles enterprises to face in AI implementation and development and shares strategies for overcoming them.

How Can You Help Employees Adapt to New Technology?

To succeed in today's digital world, digital transformation is essential. Change can be difficult when you adopt new technology. It could prove difficult to get employees to embrace new processes and systems. Grace Lau, Dialpad's director of growth content, shares strategies that can overcome resistance from employees to adopting new technology.

Adopt. Adapt. Ascend

Today's VUCA environment (volatile uncertain complex and ambiguous), requires enterprises to be adaptable in order to remain relevant, connect with customers better, add value and uphold their vision. The new technologies allow for that, and it is important to have strategies in place to fully leverage their benefits. For sustainable growth and value, it is important to tap into the most recent AI and IoT offerings.

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