What are the Dangers of Targeted Advertising?

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Written By Nipun Singh

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Targeted Advertising is where online agencies collect personal data from users and use it to send emails to their target consumers or to show them ads on videos, social media platforms, etc. Based on their profile.

Advertising is the most popular form of marketing you will find. Advertisements are created keeping in mind the preferences and profiles of consumers.

Advertisements are targeted today by considering the potential consumer profile. Targeted advertising is becoming a popular form of advertising.

Many brands use it to sell their products, while consumers protest it as unethical. Let's take a look at targeted advertising.

What is Targeted Advertising?

All ads are targeted ads because they target a specific consumer class for which the brand was created.

Online targeted advertising, however, is where online agencies collect personal data from users and use it to send emails to their target consumers or to show them ads on videos, social media platforms, etc. Based on their profile.

How does Targeted Advertising Work?

Targeted advertising is based on your data, including your past and future preferences. These data are collected by third-party agencies. These agencies may collect data from a variety of sources.

This could be a spam email link to your email address, data from a magazine that you subscribe to, data from your university or private school, malware software on your computer, search data on Google or other online platforms, and many more.

Most of the data sources used for targeted advertising are illegal and unethical. The online community has been arguing about whether targeted ads should contain the information that allows them to track any person they wish.

You may be unaware of the targeted ads that are shown to you. Targeted ads are designed to meet your specific needs.

You might find it easier to target your interests if you are interested in gardening or have spent time researching the app for plant identification.

The plant app will help you identify the type of plant you have in your garden. You will receive targeted advertising to market this app for plants as you are one of the current users who are interested in these types of plants.

You will find the app for iPhone particularly useful because it allows you to target advertising which, although potentially dangerous, can be very helpful for many.

Sometimes we search for the right thing online but fail to find it. Targeted ads can be extremely helpful in such situations as they allow you to find stuff you have been searching for.

Targeted Advertising is a Threat to Privacy

Users are often disapproving of targeted advertising and consider it unethical.

Advertisements can be dangerous. Well, yes!

Your financial information may be obtained by the agencies that collect data for advertising purposes. This is why targeted advertising is dangerous.

They may collect more than your personal information. Your financial information and daily activities could also be misused by these agencies.

Effects of Targeted Advertising Campaigns

The positive and negative effects of targeted advertising campaigns are numerous. Advertisements that use personal data may expose sensitive information to data collectors, which could pose a security risk to you.

Many users find these targeted ads annoying because they show them repeatedly something they've recently looked into, which can influence their perception of that brand or its services.

This answer will help you to understand the downsides of targeted ads. However, targeted advertising can have many benefits. They show users only relevant ads which can be very useful.

It is also easier for users to find what they are looking for without having to do extensive research.

Last Thoughts

Online marketing has made targeted advertising more popular. It can be easily targeted at a specific consumer group.

This is where Targeted Advertising comes in as an important role. Online, most information about users can easily be obtained. Marketing agencies then use this information to create targeted ads.

Many people find these ads annoying and unethical as they breach their data. On the other hand, some consumers find these ads useful because they target exactly what they are looking for rather than showing them irrelevant ads.

For example, someone searching for a plant identification app can find it easily if the right ads are shown to him.

Targeted advertising, even with many frowns, has become a major part of our advertising culture. It is not ethical but it is very effective for many.

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