How Should Startups & SMEs Go For Mobile App Development?

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Written By Ishika Chauhan

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Did you know that 48% of people own a smartphone? They also generate billions of dollars in revenue each year. It's the first-stop solution to our 90% of queries.

What if startups and SMEs could take advantage of mobile browsing habits? There are many business benefits that will give you a competitive edge in the market. This is what I will be discussing in this blog.

There is a paradigm shift happening in user behavior. They prefer to shop online over visiting physical stores, and they use mobile apps more than websites. With the ever-increasing number of iPhone and smartphone users, mobile app development should be a top decision for entrepreneurs.

Statista estimates that global mobile app revenues could reach $935 million by 2023, according to Statista. The mobile application development stats show that there are currently 2.8 million apps on the Google Play Store, and 2.2million apps on Apple's App Store. It's no surprise that the mobile market is flourishing. The penetration rate of mobile apps is steadily increasing with no downfalls.

What can Mobile App Development do for Your Business?

Mobile phones and iPhones are constantly changing the landscape of industries. These advanced cellphones have replaced desktops over the years and the gap between them is increasing every day.

Mobile apps are no longer just a communication tool, but an integral part of daily life. These factors are compelling reasons for startups and SMEs to invest in mobile app development.

Below are the top reasons why mobile app development is so important for every business. Let's dig in…

Higher Productivity

There are many code libraries that can be used to develop a mobile app. This can help developers save a lot of time. Cross-development platform technologies such as Flutter and React Native make it easy to create both iOS and Android apps using a single code base.

These scripts are easy to use and save time. Your developer can create a feature-rich app from scratch. It increases productivity and makes it easier to get the app on the market. It reduces the time for products to go to market and allows you to develop strategies that will lead to better results.

Globalize Your Business Network

You can make your brand more visible by developing business apps. Your products and services can be promoted to customers overseas. It will help you reach new people and expand your network of SMEs as well as startups across borders.

Online shoppers can search for and purchase products and then compare them to other options. You can also optimize your eCommerce app to increase its visibility on the international market.

Higher Returns on Investments

Android is an open-source platform while iOS is a closed-source one. Both platforms are cheaper and developers can access the SDK as well as the development tools free of charge.

Not only that but there are many mobile app developers on the market with the most up-to-date skillsets. The business should also invest in app marketing and skilled resources. It provides high returns on investment and profit-harvesting results.

Increase Your Business Sales to Great Effect

Low barriers to entry are key factors in developing a business app. Take an eCommerce app. In this example, mobile phones make up the majority of sales. We know why mobile phones are preferred over desktop computers by users.

The mobile app can help you increase your sales to a large extent. This app opens up new opportunities for different types of people like rural workers, young entrepreneurs, and homemakers. It also allows you to expand your business reach into developing countries.

An online presence can be established with an app at a low cost, rather than opening a physical store to sell or buy goods. Startups and small businesses can set up an easy-to-use online platform with minimal investment. You can even hire Indian developers to help you with your project. They are also much more affordable and cost-effective.

Cost Savings

E-commerce apps allow for low-cost engagement with valued customers and promote the business to a large number of customers. Startups and SMEs are able to save a lot of money on traditional marketing and advertising.

The business application allows for a lower-cost engagement with potential customers and promotes the business to many more customers.

The best part about the mobile app? It offers secure and safe online payment options. You can pay by UPI ID or credit card, debit card, or PayPal. You can be sure of your privacy and confidentiality.

It’s Possible to Market Online for Free

It is crucial to capitalize on the potential of business apps for startups or SMEs as a marketing channel. You can create a subscriber by having users sign up for your app. This will allow you to market future products and campaigns. Push notifications can be used to market your products and services to those who have subscribed to your marketing channel or have your app installed on their mobile devices.

Push notifications can be used to keep people who have subscribed to your marketing channel, or an app on their mobile device, engaged.


Apps for business are custom-designed and built with features that allow users to filter products and enhance customers' interest, and increase their chances of success. It gives customers a better view of their choices and allows them to make online purchases. This helps to refine the business, and its marketing plans and provides more useful information.

A business app development project requires a comprehensive understanding of the company's goals and impressions. You can consult the mobile application development companies in India. They will assist you and help you to create the best mobile app.

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