How to Get into Web3: The Whys and Hows

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Written By Devansh Vijay

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Web3 is increasingly important as evidenced by the proliferation of new applications and heated online discussions about whether a decentralized Internet will gain any ground. Although the term is often used loosely, Web3 is still a relatively new concept. Few people even know the technology behind it. As the demand for technology becomes more mainstream, it is important to acknowledge it. If you are referring to the younger audience, keep in mind that they were raised in a digital world. They have more knowledge than any other generation.

Where do you start for people who believe in blockchain and decentralization's promise?

This may help you understand the origin of the term. This term is used because provenance is one of the unique benefits of blockchain technology. Common knowledge is that Web 3.0 was created by Gavin Wood, the founder of Parity Technologies, a blockchain infrastructure company. He laid out his vision for the internet in 2014. Wood believes Web3 is a more democratic internet version than the one we have today. It is not yet monopolized or controlled by giants like Amazon and Microsoft. Web3 is therefore decentralized and the user has control. While crypto is popular and volatile, Web3 promises a far greater utility than coins. Blockchain technology offers value propositions in all aspects of life, commerce, entertainment, and business.

Today, the reality is that more computer scientists are leaving their jobs to build Web3. Each year, there are more programmers graduating from top universities. They dream of creating the next decentralized application (dApp), which could be a play-to-earn video game, a marketplace to sell digital real estate or a way to browse the internet without being tracked by advertisers and spies. However, all the speculation and attention surrounding Web3 suggests that a conceptual phase has yet to be realized.

Even though metaverses are still being developed, Web3 promises decentralized experiences. Web3 is now available to both common and pro users. Those who wish to learn more about the next iteration, or participate in its development, have a few options.

Crypto Wallets

Web3 will take whatever form it takes, but digital currencies will always be an important utility. If you are interested in learning more about digital assets, you have the option to set up a cryptocurrency wallet. This can be done with or without coins.

Most people are familiar with the concept of a crypto wallet. It allows you to store, send, or receive money and other digital assets like NFTs. Every wallet is unique and can only be accessed by the "private key." This wallet acts as the foundation of any digital currency toolkit and integrates with different marketplaces to enable financial transactions. It is important to use a wallet before you start investing. MetaMask is a popular and secure decentralized wallet provider. You can also create one by signing up for an exchange that will create it for you. You can practice your skills and increase the security of your digital assets.

Earn Money Playing a Video Game

Digital economies have been a part of video games for years. They grow as players move in. Blockchain technology is helping to expand these economies. Blockchain-based games allow players to take control of the game's dynamics and receive compensation for their participation. The game's native tokens are the payouts. Blockchain gaming is constantly evolving with new ways to earn. For example, video game NFTs allow players to acquire rare items that can be traded with other gamers.

Web3 games often have a marketplace where players may sell their tokens and NFT collections. Most blockchain games run within web browsers. All you need is a browser that has a connected wallet. Sign up now and you can start playing. You can make a coin and learn the intricacies of Web3 while you play.

DEX and DeFi

Traditional financial markets can only be opened during weekday business hours. All transactions must be linked to banks or other institutions. Many people desire to trade anonymously and without friction and at any hour.

Decentralized exchanges (DEX) are a place for exchanging and trading cryptocurrencies anonymously. Anyone with an internet connection can use them. While governments have been involved in DEXs, decentralized financing (DeFi) protocols such as those offered by Aave or others allow you to lend and borrow money through liquidity pools using smart contracts instead of financial institutions. This process is secure, and automated and allows you to rotate your money without any downtime.

These experiences can be downloaded as apps, and they can be used on mobile devices and computers just like any other app. You can also try out a dApp to get a better understanding of how it works. Digital assets can be used as an investment but also as a hobby.

Keep an Eye on The Metaverse

One day, the metaverse will offer a virtual world experience unlike any other. Virtual reality technology will be a major focus, and digital real property will soon be covered the same as physical real estate. Metaverses are still in their infancy and will take some time to achieve the goals they have set. Developers are constantly creating tools that allow communities to access and create the worlds they want.

Although many companies are working independently to create metaverses, they could one day be linked to create new and massive worlds. Explore ecosystems such as the Sandbox to get a taste of the future metaverse. Users can create and trade their own games and assets with no investment.


Web3 is still in the early stages. Web3 is still in its early stages. However, there are many things you can do. It pales in comparison with what we can all accomplish together. It is still a patchwork collection of services and development environments. They still offer amazing experiences that range from decent to extraordinary. Do you think the former should become the norm?

It is important to start exploring and experiencing the internet now. This will allow you to understand what is happening and have a say in its development. It won't be tech giants, advertisers, or government agencies that will control the next version of the internet. Instead, it will be users. The more people who experience Web3 today, then the more they can contribute to making it better than Web 2.0.

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