iOS 16 Review: What’s Changed & Removed + Pros & Cons

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Written By Ishika Chauhan

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In this Apple’s iOS 16 review, I’ve been covering major changes addressed in the next-generation iOS 16 update(s).

Apple introduced iOS 16 update on September 12, 2022, and is currently running on the latest update v16.2 where some features have been removed and added.

You will glance:

  • Major features introduced in iOS 16 update.
  • Pros and cons of Apple’s operating system 16.
  • Additional information on iOS 16 beta version.

What’s New In iOS 16 Update?

Weighing up with iOS 15, iOS 16 comes with deadly dozens of updates. Being said that every iOS version is incredibly destined to offer a more personalization experience, iOS 16 review nevertheless possesses all-new personalization features along with deeper intelligence, high-end security, and more seamless ways to chat and share.

Underneath are the genres of the iOS 16 review updates:

  • Lock screen and Focus
  • iCloud shared photo library
  • Messages and Mail
  • Safari and Passkeys
  • Live text
  • Siri and Dictation
  • Wallet
  • Home
  • Health and Fitness
  • Family sharing
  • CarPlay
  • Privacy and Security
  • Accessibility
  • Camera and Photos
  • FaceTime
  • Freeform
  • Notes and Music
  • Settings and Reminders
  • Spotlights and System

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Create multiple lock screen

Previously, iOS 15 didn't have such a feature. The new update allows users to create multiple lock screens, each with a unique experience and style, and easily switch them between. Use a photo gallery or suggested photos and themed collections to get started.

Easily set up a focus

Formerly, setting up a focus was a bit complicated. With the new update, it’s being simpler and faster. Set up a focus and select the apps and people that matter to you in that profile. Also switching and disabling the focus is one click away.

New editing tools for messaging

Apple has made some noteworthy changes in Messages. The time duration of undo messages is decreased, majorly. Edit a message, send or unsent a recent message and have less time to undo it. For instance, for a message that you edited or recalled, you only get two-minute time to unsent messages, previously offered 15 minutes.

Fitness app for iPhone

This feature comes in the Apple Watch series. The new iOS 16 update now incorporates a fitness app in all supported iOS 16 devices. Introducing a fitness app will help iPhone users to track and meet their fitness goals, even if they forget to wear or don’t have an Apple watch.

Freeform for creation and document

When you have updated your iPhone device from iOS 15 to iOS 16 you would find a new app installed at home. Freeform is a new app, basically for creators and teams, to bring ideas to life. Draw, sketch, and jot down notes with an Apple pencil. Share and insert hyperlinks including video, audio, and documents. This feature was added in the iOS 16.2 update which is the latest iOS 16 series update as of now.

Siri improvement

In each iOS update legacy, Apple put something new in Siri, this time with iOS 16 update, they made Siri even more responsive, faster, and smarter. This on-device dictation program could handle everything you say. You can dictate emails in Mail, texts in messages, and could also recognize emojis in dictation. Say, “heart emoji” or “laughing emoji” and Siri will add a symbol.

Lockdown mode

It’s a new feature available in iOS 16. If you have updated your iPhone or iPad device to iOS 16, you would find this feature in the settings inside of the Privacy & Security option. This feature is introduced if iPhone users have faced or are intact with cybersecurity or identity theft practices. Enabling this feature will make apps, websites, and accessibility limited for security.

Clean Energy Charging

This feature made its first debut with the iOS 16.1 update, which aims to make the charging of your iPhone more eco-friendly, in a step to reduce the iPhone's carbon footprint. This feature understands your charging time to sync with when your power sources emit cleaner energy sources.

iOS 16 Review: Release Date

iOS 16 was publicly released on September 12, just prior to the occurrence of iPhone 14. Later, the community deployed two more updated versions iOS 16.1 and iOS 16.2 with some contextual changes. The iOS 16.1 update was released on November 30 and iOS 16.2 update on December 13.

iOS 16 Review: Major Updates Benchmarked

iOS 16 comes with avant-garde updates while iOS 16.1 comes with minor updates. The new iOS 16.2 update brings some new interface and applications for iPhone and iPad users.

Look at the table to learn more about each of the iOS 16 review update history:

Basis Release Date What’s New?
iOS 16 September 12 Lock screen, focus, messages, Siri, dictation, wallet, health and fitness, passkeys, live text, Mail, and 50+ other features.
iOS 16.1 November 30 Bug fixes and security updates.
iOS 16.2 December 13 Freeform app, new lock screen widget, apple music sing, new airdrop setting, new home app architecture and advanced data protection.

iOS 16 Beta: Latest Beta Version (iOS 16.3)

iOS 16.3 beta

Talking about iOS 16 beta, users can experience iOS 16.3 beta version only if they are public beta testers. It was released soon after when the community made iOS 16.2 public.

iOS 16.3 beta is in the development process and as of now, no official words dictate the release date.

However, you can experience it on your device. I strongly recommend you download the beta version on something other than your primary device. Use your secondary device because it might be buggy or it might affect the device’s battery life.

Wonder what’s new in the iOS beta 16.3? Reportedly, the community is working on security keys to come to Apple ID and new homepod handoff prompts.

iOS 16 Update: Device Compatibility

The compatibility is similar to the characteristics of iOS 15. All the previous devices that run on iOS 15 are compatible to download and install iOS 16.

iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone SE (2nd generation or later) users can experience iOS 16 series updates without any restrictions.

iOS 16 Review: All The Advantages and Disadvantages

iOS 16 makes a number of exciting tweaks to existing features. Some new applications are also introduced such as Freeform and Fitness applications. New wallpapers, themes, and widgets are making the iOS 16 interface even more glittering.

Mail and messages being more powerful, the communication and sharing aspect of the iPhone gets intuitive and secured. All these highlights add up to a better iPhone experience.


  • Improved Siri app now accesses third-party as well.
  • Option to view third-party apps on the lock screen.
  • Redesigned maps and apple music.
  • Customizable lock screen feature.
  • Passkeys for a more secure and easier way to sign in.
  • Use of dictation and keyboard together.


  • Features such as dictation and live text won’t properly work on older iPhone devices.
  • For many iPhone users, iCloud shared photo library takes some time getting used to.
  • Some of the new message features only work when another user also uses an Apple device.

Is iOS 16 worth installing?

One of our authors is using an iPhone 11 and it runs on the latest iOS 16.2 version which is perfectly fine with him. It’s fluent, has no bugs, and does not experience any nasty in terms of UI experience. Overall, it’s worth installing or updating your device from iOS 15 to iOS 16.

Is Apple iOS 16 good?

iOS 16 comes with a remarkable and greatest software update. A lot of features have been introduced including two new applications. New improvements in the AI-based assistance app Siri and other technological aspects are rectified in the iOS 16 update. Overall, installing iOS 16 is worth it.

iOS 16 Review: Conclusion

Apple always puts its legacy into each of its product and service innovations regardless, be it a new product launch or newly deployed software, their value, and legacy waves parallel.

iOS 16.2 is the latest version of iPhone and iPad OS which is truly remarkable and more personalized than its previous version. Major features and modifications have been made and most of the devices are running on iOS 16.2 software update.

In conclusion, you can consider installing an iOS 16 software update on your iPhone 11 or other devices. Go to settings, tap General, click on Software Update, and download to install iOS 16.2 latest update on your device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the newest features of iOS 16?

Freeform and Fitness application has been added to the latest iOS 16.2 software update including some enhancements in security and communication aspects.

What features Apple has removed in its latest iOS 16 update?

iOS 16.2 bang with major updates and various features enhancement. On the other hand, Apple has removed the home interface and architecture updates since iOS 16.2 arrived.

How do I install iOS 16 beta on an iPhone?

Restart your iPhone and go to the Software update option from settings > General menu, if available, you will see iOS 16 beta. Download the update and tap install when prompted.

What Apple devices can get iOS 16?

Restart your iPhone and go to the Software Update option from settings > General menu, if available, you will see iOS 16 beta. Download the update and tap install when prompted.

Will iPhone 7 get iOS 16?

It’s bad if you have older version products than iPhone 8 because the community has ended up providing software update features or any of its innovative support. Therefore, if you have a Phone 7, you won’t get the iOS 16 update.

Why am I not able to download and install the new iOS 16 update?

If you’re seeing a message that says ‘failing to install” on your iPhone or iPad screen, the reason is either your devices don't support the latest software or enough available storage space is not marked.

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