10 Best Minecraft Prison Servers to Know in 2023

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You might have played Minecraft if you are addicted to video games.

  • Minecraft was developed by Mojang Studios using the Java programming language.
  • It is a very popular sandbox game among experienced gamers. It is the most popular video game ever.
  • The game boasted 140 million active monthly players as of 2021.

Minecraft is a 3D virtual realm that is blocky with infinite terrain. You can extract materials, make tools and create items, as well as build different structures, machines, earthworks, and other devices while playing Minecraft.

There are two main game modes: survival mode and creativity mode.

  • Survival mode requires players to have more resources to survive and maintain their health.
  • In the creative mode, players have unlimited resources and can fight.

The Prison mode is one of Minecraft's game modes. This mode allows players to cut down trees, and mine stones, ores, and gems from Minecraft mines with the primary goal of earning money and ranking.

After clearing a few stones layers, you can make a sale of your earnings and, if you keep all your gold bars collected, you may eventually rank.

This blog post will show you the top Minecraft prison servers you should try...

The Best Minecraft Prison Servers That You Must Try

Below is a list of the top Minecraft prison servers for 2022. They cater to various Minecraft gameplay styles.

1. The Arcon

The Arcon is the first server on our list of best Minecraft Prison servers. Its custom game modes and high-quality mods are the reason. This server is active and receives frequent updates.

The Arcon offers Minecraft players a customized resource pack that allows them to create a wooden theme. It also includes a backpack and other essential tools to help you become a miner.

You can also experience robbery or outland after you're done with prison. These modes can be used in conjunction with prison. The server also supports survival, parkour, and skyblock.

2. Purple Prison

Today's prison servers only allow players to mine and complete related quests to rank. Purple Prison allows players to trade and build with other players, in addition to mining.

Purple Prison is one of a few servers that offer a prison theme. This allows providers to experience simulated prisons.

It will have realistic prison cell layouts, guards, and PVP zones that give it the feel of a real prison. A sitting area is available for prisoners to hang out.

3. Jartex Network

Jartex Network offers a Minecraft prison server that is based on gambling, which is unlike other servers. You can get custom skills and cool suits. There are also many other improvements.

Players are required to join a cartel to gain access to their casinos or mines. You can also find different gangs or cartels within the game. Every cartel or gang has its benefits.

You can also explore side quests or other incredible structures to add excitement to your mining.

4. OPBlocks Network

OPBlocks Network is another top server. OPBlocks Network has many minigames, skilled developers, and a large community. It is focused on the four main modes of Minecraft: survival, prison, skyblock, and parkour.

This server allows you to play in prison mode. You are provided with an enchanted toolbox and a separate mine so you can explore the area without feeling rushed.

You can explore the mines of other players and complete side quests. This server allows you to explore your area.

5. MC Prison

This server is the foundation for many new prison servers. This server's primary concern is the player's freedom. You can build, mine, fight, give, and many other activities to rank up.

You can, however, directly rise to the top by donating perks, dropping parties, and weekly giveaways. Each player is given a special area to create their shops in the game.

6. Pika Network

The server offers players a standard-looking prison, but there is more to it than just mining resources, making points, and ruling the prison. Players will find new opportunities around the world as they accumulate more wealth.

Cell makers, gamblers, and gang members will be found here along with a few NPCs who deal with drugs. You will have the same experience as in a prison. It also has separate PVP areas including a PVP mine area.

7. Jails MC

This server is dedicated entirely to Minecraft's prison mode. It has a mining theme. If you want a quick and reliable prison experience, this is the best choice. You will need to trade and mine with other players to reach the top.

8. Minecraft Central

This server is active in survival, prison, and skyblock as well as PvP and factions. This server has a unique prison system for players. Both private and public mines offer unique rewards.

It feels like the environment is a prison cell. You can be monitored by zombie guard statues. This server also adds vanilla Minecraft to the game.

9. Mineville

This server is the only one on our list to feature a Bedrock server. This server will be found on every list of servers that support the Bedrock edition.

Mineville is a similar program to Jails MC. It focuses on mining. After you have completed all the mines, you will be given a mining costume.

You can rank up if you reach a certain level of mining and then trade the collectibles.

10. Vortex Network

Vortex Network is a Minecraft prison server. It supports many game modes such as survival, skyblock, and Pixelmon. Each mode has its space theme. Each mode refers to planets, spaceships, and other cosmic entities.

You can join gangs or enter war zones when you are in prison mode. You can level up by participating in events, mining, and trading.

You can also choose Prison Cosmic which includes an adventure map with quests, recipes, and more.

Conclusion: Minecraft Prison Servers

This is the end of our list of the top Minecraft prison servers. To mine, trade, and get to the top you can choose any server on the list. You can browse the list to find the one that best suits your game needs.

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