Top 9 Best Tools for Remote Employee Onboarding

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This article will discuss the Best Tools for Remote Employee onboarding. The most impactful tool for remote work is Covid-19.

👉 Before the pandemic, only 5% of full-time office workers did the majority of their work at home. This number has risen depending on industry and profession by 20-30% to 30% in the current normal.

It is easier to hire remote workers because there is less dependency on their location. Remote employee onboarding is essential because employees need to feel part of the company.

Remote workers can be onboarded in several steps. This includes a short welcome video, introductions of important team members, and instructions for setting up.

If they don't get the help they need quickly, it can make your first few days of employment difficult for you both and your new employees. You will save time by not having to go through all the emails.

These resources will make it easier to hire remote workers and reduce back-and-forth communication.

The Top 9 Best Tools For Remote Employee Onboarding in 2023

👉 Here are the top 9 best tools for remote employee onboarding

1. AirSlate

The application can be used by the HR and accounting departments to verify document processing compliance.

Cloud-based solutions save HRs time and effort by avoiding mountains of paperwork.

Why airSlate?

AirSlate automates all document tasks and allows you to sign contracts, NDAs, and other documents remotely.

This allows for all paperwork to be provided promptly and accurately, and requires the minimum amount of HR support.

AirSlate's pre-built templates allow you to automate HR processes without having to write a line of code.

By spending less time creating a strategy using airslate, your team can save hours gathering documentation for new employees.


  • AirSlate offers a free trial for companies who wish to improve their internal processes.
  • The Basic membership level costs $30 per Flow creator each month.
  • For a minimum of five users, each Flow Creator costs $50 per Month on the Business Cloud.

2. Paylocity

Paylocity, a cloud-based technology that automates administrative tasks such as staff onboarding, may be able to help.

Because it is customizable quickly to meet changing requirements, it is suitable for both small and large businesses.

Paylocity: Why Use It?

Sign up immediately to access the ready-to-use course materials. These are comprehensive, and well-designed and provide all the information you need to conduct short-staff training on the move.

You can customize audio recordings, screen sharing, and interactive quizzes.

A variety of tasks can be performed by you, including tracking employee progress, sending reminders and notifications, tracking completion rates, setting time limits, and setting up notifications.

Paylocity is unique in that it allows you to save time, monitor attendance, process payroll, and manage your business budget. This remote employee onboarding tool can be used to automatically enroll new employees.


  • Paylocity bills employees on a per-employee per month (PEPM), basis.
  • A Paylocity membership can cost between $18 to $25 depending on your business size and the modules you cover.
  • Paylocity may charge setup fees and one-time implementation fees.
  • Paylocity charges setup fees of 10% to 20% of annual software fees, or $10 to $20K per $100,000 transaction.

3. ProProfs Knowledge Base

Remote workers, who may not have an in-depth understanding of the company or the work that you do, need to be onboarded. This highlights how important remote workers' onboarding is.

ProProfs Knowledge Base software is a simple, efficient, and feature-rich way to make the most of your time.

Why Use the Profs Knowledge Base?

This tool can be used to create an online employee handbook. It will provide information about your company's working conditions, goals, and most importantly--the role that remote workers play in your organization.

You shouldn't bombard your new employees with emails on the first day.

▸It is therefore crucial that they have access to the right platform to help them get started. This is possible with ProProfs Knowledge Base software.

▸It's a great tool to create a company handbook-like platform that provides easy access to company-wide information on all types of devices, including smartphones and tablets.

You will have an extraordinary experience thanks to the software's many appealing features such as its MS Word-like editor and Google-like search options. Customization options, workflows, customization options, and other options make it stand out.

▸This tool is extremely useful for small tasks such as adding text to multiple pages, ggling content and adding your logo and brand name.

▸It's a great tool to reduce the number of phone calls and emails while allowing remote workers to seamlessly onboard.

  • Essential cost: $1080
  • Premium-$1440
  • Contact Team Enterprise

4. ProofHub

ProofHub makes it easy for new employees and HR departments to communicate and collaborate.

Technology also helps HR professionals automate repetitive tasks and ensures team members' continued cooperation.

ProofHub: Why Use It?

ProofHub customers also benefit from an environment that encourages announcements. This allows HR organizations to honor team members' achievements, incite them, and provide complete project information.

ProofHub's 14-day trial is free and allows you to test all its features.


  • Unlimited users can access the Basic membership, which costs $45 per month and is payable annually.
  • It allows them to manage up to 40 projects and use up to 15GB of storage.
  • Remote workers and clients are more likely to choose a more complex system with defined access rights.
  • It can be purchased annually for $89 per month and includes extra features and 100GB of storage.

5. HR Cloud

Cloud-based HRM suite HR Cloud helps companies in many industries including retail, leisure, travel, and tourism. The portfolio includes Onboard Software, People HRMS, Recruit ATS, and Workmates Intranet.

Why Use HR Cloud?

Onboard by HR Cloud was specifically designed to address common issues that other software solutions cannot even begin to address.

Onboard offers the most customization options, including workflows, custom portals, and corporate branding. New hires can access resources even before their start date.

This means that you will likely spend more time training your new hires than on administrative tasks. All paperwork and deadlines can be completed during onboarding.

You can speed up the E-verify process and increase the I-9 collection, signing, and storage process. A one-time setup and cloud deployment will provide the fastest time to value. This eliminates the need to upgrade.

HR Cloud can be a valuable tool to simplify your business operations when all these amazing qualities are considered.


For a quote on bespoke pricing, contact support

6. SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos, a complete learning management system (LMS), allows businesses to provide seamless online employee onboarding.

How did SAP Litmos Get Started?

It doesn't matter what your expertise is, there are many resources that you can access. SAP Litmos offers everything, from compliance training to staff development to education for consumers and everything in between.

SAP Litmos allows you to create your courses completely from scratch, and then customize each element with the help of its special templates.

Remote workers will find learning more fun and engaging with the system's gamification features. The system's gamification features, such as badges and points, can dramatically increase performance and morale.

Installation of SAP Litmos is quick and easy. It also includes all integrations. Because it is flexible, adaptable, and scalable, it's a great option for employee onboarding.

Price Expert

  • 150-500 users:
  • $6 per user per month
  • $4 per month for 500-1000 users Pro + Courses
  • 50-150 users for $15 per month
  • For between 150 and 500 users, $9 per month

7. Asana

Asana claims that its tools can double the output of a team by up to 50%

Why do Asana?

While Asana is often promoted as a tool to manage projects, it also includes many other benefits.

Remote workers can be easily hired because there are many ways to communicate and exchange information.

Because each stage of work or project is broken down into phases, teams can easily keep track of all their projects.

This tool allows users to track activities and projects that remote employees have completed as well as what remains to be done.

Asana can be used to assist you in completing your tasks as efficiently and effectively as possible.


  • Basic: Free
  • Premium: $10
  • Commercial: $24.99

8. BaseCamp

Many teams struggle with the problem of information being scattered across too many platforms such as emails, chat sessions, and documents.

This can make it more difficult to find the right information or make it easy to forget it. It can also increase work, lead to a waste of time and create misunderstandings.

It is impossible to solve such a complex problem with a chat or project management app. Basecamp is a great tool in such situations. The software package includes everything your team needs for efficient and effective work.

What Purpose?

The software package includes everything your team needs to be effective and efficient. It even claims to "make jobs seem less difficult".

▸The tool could be used as an onboarding tool to get new hires up to speed and on the right track.

▸It can also be used for communication, idea generation, project planning, execution, document, and image exchange.

▸It provides a complete solution to all teamwork-related issues.

Basecamp offers many features, including calendars, to-do lists, group discussions, and file storage.


  • Here's a quick breakdown of the cost of each plan:
  • Free basecamp personal plans are available.
  • Basecamp Business charges $99 per month
  • Basecamp now offers a 1-year subscription for 15% off.

9. Kissflow

Kissflow's goal is to help you automate any process in your company from employee onboarding through development.

Why Kissflow?

There are over 50 pre-programmed processes available to users, including employee onboarding, refund requests, and marketing campaigns.

You can then create your forms and workflow diagrams, and give permissions to each phase. Once you have started to use the strategy, it is easy to keep track of and evaluate how things are going.

You can also create unique reports to assess the effectiveness of each procedure.

  • Small price - $10
  • Business: $20
  • Contact Support for Organizations

Which Remote Employee Onboarding Tool is The Best?

One way to successfully hire remote workers is by using robust software and internet services within your HR operations.

These technologies can be used for managing goals, analyzing performance, and giving staff access to company documents, as well as other purposes.

Depending on your problems with remote employees, choose one option from this list and get started refining HR processes.

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