IBM Robotic Process Automation vs. Automation Anywhere

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Written By Nidhi Sharma

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An RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solution can automate many business processes for small businesses. This comparison guide will show you how to use two of the most popular RPA solutions - Automation Anywhere and IBM Robotic Process Automation.

RPA software uses robotic process automation technology to automate routine tasks. This reduces human error and increases efficiency. In turn, this lowers business costs and improves data quality. We will be reviewing the top RPA software options for small businesses. This comparison guide will cover two of the most popular RPA software: Automation Anywhere and IBM Robotic Process Automation.

What is RPA Software?

RPA software can be integrated with other software and systems by an organization in a variety of ways. These include connecting them through existing databases and enterprise web services in the backend. RPA software is a combination of machine, natural language processing, and Artificial Intelligence.

Advanced RPA software integrates seamlessly with central systems to streamline and improve IT governance and management. RPA software is a great tool for improving the efficiency of your business, such as order processing and employee onboarding. It can also help you save money when hiring new employees. This blog will discuss the most popular RPA software, IBM Robotic Process Automation (or Automation Anywhere), based on its capabilities, strengths, usage, and other details.

IBM Robotic Process Automation

IBM Robotic Process Automation offers AI-powered automation solutions to business and IT operations. It offers tailored solutions to your business, including continuous application performance management, decision management for repetitive business processes, enterprise content management, and other solutions.

Small businesses love IBM Robotic Process Automation's solutions for business automation, asset management, and business analysis and insight, as well as financial, operational, and security solutions. AON, Scoob, and Deloitte are its top customers.

Automation Anywhere

Automation Everywhere is another popular RPA software used in a variety of industries, from SaaS to eCommerce. You can use it to automate business processes, document automation, process optimization discovery, business process analysis, and share pre-built automation files.

It also offers RPA solutions that can be used to support specific business functions such as customer service, finance and accounting, human resource sales and marketing, shared services, and the front and back offices. Emaar, Lumevity, and Hitachi Solutions are just a few of the companies that use Automation Anywhere.

Features Review of IBM Robotic Process Automation and Automation Everywhere:

Based on our research, the following is a comparison of the most important features of IBM Robotic Process Automation and Automation Anywhere.

Business Automation

IBM Robotic Process Automation is a compact solution to automate business processes and IT operations. It streamlines core IT operations and ensures smooth environment integration. It also speeds up and optimizes all processes while reducing cloud and infrastructure costs by 30 percent.

It promises to increase MTTR (Mean time to recover or restore) by half. It also features a variety of AIOps tools that help improve decision-making, resource allocation, and app performance.

Automation Anywhere comes with a small business automation solution that simplifies and improves core business operations. It uses an AI-powered cloud-native approach. This cloud-based automation solution for self-service offers a variety of visual flowcharts, drag-and-drop functionality, and a range of functionalities that allow self-automation by even non-technical staff according to business requirements. The market-driven cloud-based solutions for automation greatly reduce setup time and cost.

Verdict: Based on the above analysis both Automation Anywhere and IBM Robotic Process Automation are in fierce competition for automation.

Support for Diverse Industries

IBM Robotic Process Automation provides a variety of business processes and IT operations automation options for diverse industries. It focuses on core business functions such as insurance, automotive, retail, banking, consumer goods manufacturing, travel, healthcare, and many others.

Automation Anywhere offers a variety of industry-specific automation solutions, including financial services, manufacturing, and BPO. It also provides healthcare, telecom, retail, and other areas. Each industry-specific solution includes RPA approaches for customer services, and human resources. It also provides sales and marketing and back office functions. This allows businesses to focus on their industry-specific requirements and speeds up business processes and operations.

Verdict: Automation Anywhere is the winner when it comes to supporting different industries.

Customer Support

IBM Robotic Process Automation provides round-the-clock support and a variety of options. It simplifies everything, from downloading and installing the necessary updates, drivers, and fixes to integrating licensed software. You can easily open a case, check its status, or create a closed/submitted ticket. It also offers training courses that include professional certifications as well as documentation solutions such as IBM Redbooks and cloud documentation. It provides developer-specific support solutions such as developer communities, developer events, and technical articles.

Automation Anywhere provides a variety of customer support options that include technical support around the clock. You can contact Automation Anywhere to receive support depending on the severity of your issue. You can choose from Orange, Silver, and Gold support options. Subscriptions are also available. These include differential customer support hours and languages. It also provides sales support and extensive documentation.

Verdict: As you can see, IBM Robotic Process Automation wins in customer support.


IBM Robotic Process Automation provides a dedicated security solution and identity solution to a variety of business use cases. It offers robust security solutions such as QRadar SIEM to provide real-time security analysis and Randori Recon to manage attack surfaces, Guardium for database security, ReaQta (hypervisor-based endpoint protection), and Randori Recon. It also offers IAM software, a security verification solution, and compliance and risk management solutions.

Automation Anywhere provides in-built security solutions that include diverse technology-based solutions like RPA, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Azure. Automation Anywhere's in-built security solutions include industry-specific and function-specific solutions. It is not mentioned explicitly about its security approaches or protocols.

Verdict: IBM Robotic Process Automation wins in providing identity and security solutions.


RPA software can be used to replace business processes and functions with automated ones. This reduces the need to hire additional employees and speeds up the execution of operations. This guide will help you to understand the core functions, benefits, and specific industries of each RPA software. To unleash the technology's full potential, you only need to set your priorities and requirements.

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