Best Top 15 Amazon PPC Tools & Software In 2022

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Written By Nidhi Sharma

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This article will discuss the best Amazon PPC tools and software. Amazon PPC software automates the tracking, optimization, and management of sponsored ads.

These data will not only improve your campaign's performance, but they will also give you measurable data that will help you stay ahead of your competition.

If you are looking for an identical solution, I have compiled 15 Amazon PPC software that is well-known for their optimization and automation features.

The Top 15 Best Amazon PPC Tools & Software in 2022

Here are the top 15 Amazon PPC Tools & Software.

1. Helium 10

Helium 10 has a wide range of functions that will help you run and grow your Amazon business.

It is well-known for its keyword research but you can also use it to search for trending products, run PPC campaign campaigns, manage inventory and perform competitive analysis all from one platform.

It recently added an Ad Manager feature to automate PPC ads.

You can create multiple campaigns simultaneously, add negative keywords to precise targeting, and set a limit to prevent Ad spend wastage. It generates data-driven suggestions on the best keywords and bid amounts to improve your conversions.

These are the core functions of Helium 10.


  • Advanced product research.
  • Campaign automation.
  • Tracking competition.
  • Inventory management.
  • Hijacks monitoring.
  • List optimization.
  • Mobile app.


Helium 10's advertising package begins at $99 per Month. To explore the dashboard, you can sign up free of charge.

2. Zon Tools

Zon. Tools is an advanced PPC manager that offers powerful automation and optimization functions to increase your Ad reach.

To limit your bid movement, you can create a benchmark for your campaigns.

You can also command Zon. You can use tools to pause ads using keywords that are no longer profitable.

You can also use the threshold function to calculate the cost per click, based on product prices and profit margins. This is a useful function.

Zon. You can use Zon's tools to make bulk changes, manage keywords and bids easily, and receive daily reports about how much return your investments have earned.

These are its key features.


  • Powerful automation.
  • Keyword mining.
  • Management of bids.
  • Custom rules.
  • Analytics.
  • Advanced search filter.
  • Supports multiple marketplaces.


Zon. Zon Tools are charged $9 to $25 per month, with a minimum $500 advertising budget.

Teikametrics offers both automation and in-house knowledge to increase your profit margin. Another alternative to PPC software and tool is this one.

Its core features include a flywheel 2.0 function, which uses artificial intelligence to analyze data and provides the best way for campaigns to be cost-effective.

It allows you to optimize your bid strategy and discover high-performing keywords. You can also automate your workflows.

You can also see a summary of your advertising and sales costs. Even a rough estimate of the amount of ad spend wasted can be obtained.

These are the main features.


  • AI-powered automation.
  • Keyword and bid optimization.
  • Campaign management.
  • In-depth analytics.
  • In-house team.

Teikametrics will charge a 3% fee on your Ad budget if you exceed the limit set in the plan. For $1,500 per month, you can hire their team to represent your interests.

4. Sellerapp

Sellerapp is the ideal tool for anyone who wants to manage all aspects of product research and ad management.

It provides a clear view of your campaign performance and average earnings.

It is possible to find trending products and extract keywords. You can also create custom rules to automate your campaigns.

You can also set multiple alerts and receive an instant report when someone attempts to steal your products or uses a different pricing strategy.

Let me share Sellerapp’s core functions.


  • Competitive analysis.
  • PPC Manager
  • Keyword explorer.
  • Content optimization.
  • Alerts for businesses
  • Research on products.


The seller app has several plans that can be tailored to different business types. The basic plan is completely free for entrepreneurs, while monthly premium subscriptions are available at a minimum cost of $40.

5. Sellics

Sellics is a popular PPC management program for its automation features and benchmarking capabilities.

It uses an AI-powered algorithm system to adjust your campaign values based on the parameters you have set. Additionally, it offers suggestions for how to improve it.

It can be synced with your seller account to track your product advertising performance and compare them against your competitors to find gaps and opportunities.

You can also use the SEO and review sections to optimize your listing and see changes in customer behavior.

Let me tell you its core features.


  • Benchmarking.
  • Campaign automation.
  • Content library.
  • Performance metrics
  • SEO optimization.
  • Customer review analyzer.
  • Mobile support.

Seller's starter plan is completely free, and its premium plans are $300-$1250 per month.

6. PPC Entourage

PPC Entourage has many of the same features as Teikametrics but it also offers a few unique functions that can give it an edge.

It's extremely easy to use. To reduce your ACOS, you can put your campaign in autopilot mode. You will receive weekly reports that track your progress and allow you to A/B test different bids.

It also has an advanced bulk optimization function.

It allows you to edit all your ads simultaneously, pause any underperforming SKUs and remove certain keywords that aren't driving much traffic. To optimize your Ads, you can also pull a list with high-value phrases.

This tool is extremely helpful and can save you tons, especially if your product lines are diverse.

These are the core features of PPC Entourage.


  • Bulk optimization filter.
  • Keyword explorer.
  • Solid reporting.
  • Services for Ad Management in-house
  • Campaign automation.
  • Training courses

PPC Entourage charges 2.9% on your Ad Spend.

7. Ad Badger

Ad Badger was created to reduce the amount of work you have to do before optimizing your PPC campaigns.

It also has a navigation tool that shows how your current strategy compares to past strategies.

Smart automation allows you to switch low-performing keywords with high-volume phrases, find negative terms to fine-tune Ads and manage your bidding to lower your ACOC.

It also has a great team that will audit your ads and uses expert skills to run your campaigns efficiently.

These are Ad Badger's core characteristics.


  • Comparison charts
  • Bid optimizer.
  • Keyword finder for negative and high-value keywords.
  • Ad automation.
  • Expert team.
  • Campaign audits.
  • Bulk action

Ad Badger can provide quotes upon request. However, you can also take a demo for free to see it in action.

8. Sellozo

Sellozo, a visually-appealing PPC advertising software, manages your entire Amazon Campaigns cycle. Another PPC tool and alternative software are this.

It allows you to duplicate your manual campaign values and place individual ACOC limits on your Ads. You can also set your bid movement on autopilot.

It provides robust analytics that allows you to see monthly highlights of sales and keep track of every action taken.

The inventory widget was one of my favorite Sellozo features.

It will display your product quantity, which will help you keep your inventory in stock.

Although it isn’t a necessary part of campaign management it can be a very useful function.

These are the core features of Sellozo.


  • Campaign studio.
  • Keyword and bid management
  • Automation of workflow.
  • Supervision of inventory.
  • Financial reports.
  • Log your history.
  • Analytics.

The Sellozo price list is not available on the website. However, you can get quotes from sales.

9. Prestozon

Prestozon, a user-friendly tool, specializes in keyword suggestions and bid optimization.

It continuously pulls data from Amazon and provides data-driven recommendations for the best phrases and bids to improve your ad performance.

It can be used to fine-tune campaigns or to set them up on autopilot so Preztozon takes care of them.

This saves you the time of manually adjusting your bids and resetting your ads every time your ad is in progress.

Prestozon offers an in-depth dashboard for reporting and historical data to give you a quick overview of your most successful ads. The dashboard allows you to see real-time changes in strategy and project future trends based on historical data.

These are its key features.


  • Optimization of bids
  • Data trail.
  • Automate bulk.
  • Keyword management.
  • Branding services.
  • Reporting.
  • Access worldwide
  • Multiple users supported

Prestozon offers three plans starting at $50 per month

10. Optmyzr

Optmyzr, a multi-platform software designed to help small and medium businesses manage their PPC workflows more efficiently, is available on multiple platforms.

It will detect low-performing ads and suggest new keywords. By setting clear rules about when to lower or increase your bid, you can dig deeper into your campaign and refine it further.

Optmyzr's visual representation of conversions is what makes it so remarkable.

It is possible to determine exactly what caused clicks to plummet and which element attracted the most traffic.

It is a very valuable function and can help you improve your strategy.


  • Optimization of bids
  • Smart ideas.
  • Campaign management.
  • Visual conversion chart
  • Reports that can be shared.
  • Supports Amazon, Google, and Facebook Ads.

Optimizer charges a minimum of $250 per month. Your Ad budget can be customized to customize your Optimizer plan.

11. Perpetua

Perpetua, an AI-powered advertising tool that uses a different approach to Ad optimization, is called Perpetua. This alternative to PPC software is also available.

It provides custom fields that allow you to define specific goals for your campaign, instead of automating Ads. It optimizes your Ads based on these objectives.

Perpetua can be used to target competitor product pages. You can choose your pages to upsell low-demanding items and you can set smart distribution to avoid wasted Ad spending.

It also allows you to manage your video ads. It is one of the core features that lets you leverage video channels to increase brand visibility.

These are its main functions.


  • Multi-platform support.
  • Video Ad Optimization.
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Analytics.
  • Mobile App.
  • Keyword research.

Perpetua's plan begins at $200 per month

12. Adapter

Adapter, like Perpetua, also has a goal-based automation model that offers a list of targets you can set for your product group or campaigns.

You can use it to boost your conversions, reduce your ACOS, manage your budget, and increase your ROI.

Here’re Adspert’s core features.


  • Bid management.
  • Campaign optimization.
  • Keyword mining.
  • Bulk edition.
  • Monitoring and Analysis.
  • Goal setting.
  • Scenario projection.
  • Support multiple marketplaces.

The adapter charges 99 EUR per month for its Amazon Package

13. SellerLabs

SellerLabs is an Ad management software that provides an automation tool called ignite for optimizing your PPC campaigns. This alternative PPC tool is also available.

This AI-powered software is easy to use and will analyze your monthly goals to create group Ads that you can run. It also provides data-backed recommendations about the best way to manage your ACOS.

This powerful function can help you create better strategies, even if you've been unsuccessful in manual campaigns.

You can manage your Sellerlabs seller account, interact with customers and monitor your inventory from your home screen.

These are its automation features.


  • Strategy optimization.
  • AI-powered suggestions.
  • Tracking custom.
  • Dayparting.
  • Use the search term generation.
  • Activity log.
  • Advanced filter.

SellerLabs Monthly Plan starts at $49.

14. Profit Whales

Profit Whales has advanced features that can identify weak points in your campaign, strengthen your PPC strategy and automate the whole process to save time.

It allows you to identify keywords that aren't converting well and to harvest high-value phrases to help you optimize your campaigns. You can also schedule them to run on certain days.

Profit Whales' uniqueness is its ability to clearly outline the results each function is expected to produce.

It doesn't matter if you guess the next step.

It will help you choose the best approach by listing pre-defined goals and optimization stages.

Let me briefly summarize its key features.


  • Keyword harvesting and targeted.
  • Optimization of bids
  • Tracking report.
  • Step-by-step automation module.
  • Tooltips.
  • Dayparting.

Profit Whales shares quotes on request.

15. Advigator

For entrepreneurs who want a simple tool that automatically manages their keywords, bids, and budget, Navigator is the best choice.

It searches the market for the best-performing phrases and adds them to your campaigns. Finally, it adjusts your bids to fit your budget.

It doesn't require you to do any preliminary research. The trending data is updated every 24 hours. It also periodically updates the values to improve results. Another alternative to PPC Software and tool is this one.

It does allow you to make manual adjustments.

You can create an ACOS target for your ads and bulk edit your entire catalog. Then, you can distribute your budget however you like.


  • Creation of product, display, and video campaigns
  • Auto-targeting.
  • Keyword optimization.
  • Bulk editing.
  • Analytics.
  • Simple IU.

Navigator charges 5% per month for your Ad Budget.


Amazon PPC Software: Why should you use it?

PPC Advertising is an important part of Amazon marketing, which almost all entrepreneurs use today to increase product visibility.

They can be a great help for businesses to increase their conversions but they are difficult to manage.

A well-structured PPC campaign will increase your chances of ranking your product and direct at least 65 percent of your traffic to your store.

Remember that an average seller can only generate a 10% conversion rate to run a successful business. It might be a good idea to invest in PPC software if your earnings are below the benchmark. Good luck!

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