What Are The Social Media Marketing Tips For WooCommerce Store

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Why should you concentrate on social media marketing for WooCommerce?

A social media community allows you to connect with as many people as possible, allowing you to promote your products and/or services.

You must consider important factors such as audience information, effective social media management, quality posts, and better social media management to create a solid social media marketing strategy.

We will be discussing all of these factors in greater detail in this article.

Let's get on with it.

5 Essential Social Media Marketing Tips For WooCommerce Store

We will now discuss social media marketing strategies that work.

1. Visually Appealing Images and Videos

Text-based marketing was once very popular in online marketing. The majority of product advertisements were written in text and not images.

The digital world is constantly changing. People are more likely than ever to view images and videos online. Images are a great way to grab the attention of your target audience.

Images are particularly important for digital products. Let's say you want to share a WooCommerce product on Facebook.

You can now describe all features and benefits of your product without having to add images. Your post will not be liked by your audience. Because product images give customers a clear picture of the product.

Videos are another important tool to attract the attention of your customers.

Let's say you have a long paragraph that contains information about future campaigns for your social media followers. The majority of your audience won't be able to read the whole post.

If you make a video with all this information, your followers will be more interested in the video.

You must use images and videos on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to promote your brand.

2. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a powerful way to promote WooCommerce on social media.

Influencer marketing is when you collaborate with influential influencers to tell them about your products and to share their messages with their followers.

Influencer marketing can help increase the brand awareness of your WooCommerce business. Because there are multiple influencers who can help you spread the word about your business.

It also helps you generate qualified leads for your online store. People trust the influencers they most admire. People trust their favorite influencers to promote any product and will purchase it.

There are many types of influencers on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

You must choose the right social media influencer for your business type when choosing a social media influencer. Your marketing efforts will be in vain if you don't.

Imagine that you own a website selling console gaming equipment. You might consider promoting your gaming products through a well-known online streamer.

Because streamers' followers are often avid gamers of online games. This creates a great opportunity for them to purchase equipment from you store.

If you use influencer marketing correctly, it can increase the revenue for your online business.

3. Optimize Videos of Short Duration

Short-form videos are becoming more popular every day. Short-duration videos are becoming more popular among social media users.

TikTok is a popular platform for sharing this type of video content. Instagram introduced a feature called "Instagram reels". YouTube added another function called "Shorts."

You can see that short videos are in high demand. These videos are very popular because they last a long time. People are busy in their day. They don't have the time or patience to watch long-duration videos.

WooCommerce owners can promote their products easily on Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts.

Videos can be created for upcoming campaigns. To grab the attention of your customers, you can even do brief reviews about your products.

HubSpot research data shows that 64% of marketers believe they should concentrate on marketing videos of short duration.

You should therefore spend your time creating short videos to promote your WooCommerce business on social media.

4. Encourage User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is social media content created by regular customers of WooCommerce products.

UGC can be a powerful tool in your social media marketing strategy. This is a powerful method to connect with your target customers and gain their trust.

Encourage customers to leave reviews and post on Facebook about your products. You can ask them to share their experiences with the product and discuss the pros and cons.

We also know that Instagram is a video-focused platform. You can ask customers to post the product's picture on their profiles.

This sharing will allow more people to learn about your business. This helps to create a strong brand for your business.

Customers who want to purchase a product online must do extensive research before they make a purchase. Customers also look at reviews about your product. They will make the final purchase if they find that previous customers have reviewed your product.

UGC is a surefire way to increase your WooCommerce store's conversion rate.

5. Build a Social Media Community

It is important to have a good understanding of your target audience and yourself. You won't be capable of providing satisfactory services to customers if you don't.

Multimedia platforms can help you build strong relationships with your customers.

Let's say you have a Facebook group. You can communicate easily with your customers to understand their needs and provide the best products and services. Customers can also discuss the pros and cons of your product on Facebook.

You must understand the demographics of your target audience if you are to create a strong social media community.

Demographics refers to multiple informational data regarding your target customers such as age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, and so on.

To build a community, you will need to collect information about your target customers.

You can organize a giveaway on your Facebook group after you have built a community. You can organize it like a gaming campaign.

You ask your followers to comment on your posts via social media. You can also tell them that the first ten comments will be chosen and you will give them a gift.

Your customers and you will be stronger through the social media community.

5 Most Powerful Social Media Tools for WooCommerce Store

We hope that you are already familiar with the strategy for improving your social marketing.

This section will focus on the most important social media tools that you need to promote your WooCoomerce company.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite, a popular social media marketing tool, is highly recommended. It allows you to seamlessly run your promotion across multiple social media channels.

Get complete information about the post performance to plan a flawless promotional campaign strategy.

This tool can also provide valuable insights into your competitors and current marketing trends.

Key Features

  • Flexibility in teamwork collaboration
  • Both organic and paid promotion functions.
  • Measuring social media performance
  • Offer insights on marketing trends

2. Buffer

Social media channels are only as strong as their followers. You must have enough followers to grow your social media channel.

Buffer can help you increase your social media followers quickly and easily without spending extra time. Buffer allows you to easily plan and publish content on various social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

It has powerful analytics tools to help you track social media posts' performance and audience demographics.

Key Features

  • Support various social media channels.
  • Advanced social media analysis tools
  • Effective engagement management function.
  • Proper post-scheduling option.

3. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar allows you to manage your social media content. This tool allows you to share and update social media content.

This tool allows you to easily monitor the performance of your social media channels from any location using a mobile device.

You can also monitor traffic and set up automatic publishing of your social media posts. You don't need to worry about updating your post manually.

It even has the ability to schedule posts based on category. You can schedule posts based upon your content types.

Key Features

  • Monitoring and A/B testing
  • Automate publishing and updating
  • Category-based post-scheduling.
  • Auto import functionality.

4. AdEspresso

AdEspresso allows you to easily create, schedule and manage social media ads on Facebook and Instagram.

AdEspresso is partnered with Facebook and Instagram to help find the right audience for your ads. An ad campaign can be run based on an interest group or by a location. Targeting users can also be done based on age, gender, and interests.

There are four types of ads available: video ads, display ads, sponsored posts and promoted stories.

AdEspresso allows you to access the same tools that Facebook, including demographic information about your audience. You can then create more targeted ads using that data.

Key Features

  • A powerful Ad management system.
  • More efficient collaboration with clients
  • Multichannel campaign strategy.
  • Actionable data for campaigns.

5. Zoho Social

Zoho Social allows you to manage all your social media accounts from one location. Zoho Social allows you to share updates and engage your audience on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

Zoho Social can be used to schedule posts for each platform in advance, so you don't miss any opportunity to engage with your followers.

The simplicity of Zoho Social is what makes it stand out among other social media management platforms. It takes less than five minutes to set up your account. There are no complicated settings or systems required.

You can add posts quickly to your social media accounts using Zoho Social in just a few mouse clicks. Access to your past posts and interactions will be available so that you can monitor and analyze what is working.

Key Features

  • Advanced social media monitoring system
  • Integration of CRM.
  • Bulk scheduling function to manage contents.
  • Campaigns can be made more effective by teamwork.


Social media platforms are a key way to reach your target audience.

You may not be able provide satisfactory services if you don't interact with your customers. You should therefore be focusing on the promotion of your WooCommerce business via social media platforms.

We have provided the top tips for social media marketing WooCommerce stores in this article.

We hope you find these tips helpful in growing your business.

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