Which is The Latest PHP Web Development feature in Laravel 8?

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Written By Nipun Singh

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Laravel is the best programming framework for PHP development. Laravel comes with pre-installed object-oriented libraries. Model-View-Controller support is just another reason why Laravel is the top choice for PHP development. This allows for consistency across logic and conferences.

The Laravel template has been updated to reflect recent changes in web technologies and source code servers. What is unique about these updates? Each update brings new functions and features to your work environment.

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New Landing Page

The homepage that you see when you install Tailwind CSS has been updated. You can choose from both dark and light colors. It can be connected to Laravel's many SaaS products as well as community pages.

Namespace Prefix of Controller was removed

Laravel could have double-initialized your namespaces if you used the callable syntax within your web.php code. This property was removed from Laravel 8. You can now easily transfer the controller classes to your routes file.

Route Caching

Route caching is a feature of Laravel that collects your routes into a PHP array that's easier to use. Laravel 8 supports this feature, even if closures are used on routes. This will increase route caching performance.

Queueable Anonymous Event Participants

Laravel 8 can create a queueable closure from any other code. This will create a queue of unidentified event audiences which will run in the background. In previous editions of Laravel, you would have required an event category and an audience to do this.

Maintenance Mode

This is particularly useful when you have to perform some routines on your application. However, it will be disabled for your users and allow your developers to look into bugs. This will create a secret cookie that will be passed to the person who reaches the right endpoint. They will then be able to use the implementation during repair mode.

Batching of Jobs

Job batching is an approach that's reminiscent of the Sidekiq or Ruby libraries. It allows you to manage multiple jobs simultaneously. You can also be notified when jobs are complete or errors occur during execution. This functionality was added to the PR.

Model Factories

Laravel 8's model factories introduce many new features. They are class-based and can be found in Laravel 8. Each model has a factory class, which specifies the attributes that will be generated. Your models will use the Factory trait to access that factory.

Laravel Jetstream

Laravel Prevailing Wind is a brand-new Laravel construction kit that will be released as an open-source project. TailwindCSS, TailwindUI, and TailwindUI can be used to create an app that allows for login, registration, two-factor authentication, and session management. There are two versions of the frontend: Livewire (TALL stack) and InertiaJS (VueJS).

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