Windows 12: Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumors

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Microsoft is working on its next-generation operating system called Windows 12. Unfortunately, it will not be released in 2023. So, when will it be released?

Today’s blog is all about the new in-line Microsoft innovation Windows 12.

Learn what we have accumulated about W12, so far.

Read to find out Windows 12 release date, price rumors, and system requirements.

We’ve also wind-up commonly asked questions related to windows 12. Get aware of Windows 12 major talks in the next 10 min.

Windows 12 Release Date

If you ask when will windows 12 be released.

We should start by saying that we can’t say confidently that it's real news.

Microsoft, as of now, did not provide any official verdict on the release of Windows 12.

So, how is this rumor spelled and enchanted in everyone’s mouth?

At the Ignite 2022 conference, the community shared a screenshot of an unnamed windows user interface.

It was something fresh-looked user interface that a user had never familiar with and seen. And, this happened to cause a rumor to fly - Is it a Windows 12 sneak peek?

Talking about Windows 12 release date, Microsoft releases its next version of OS every three years. For instance, Windows 7 was released in 2009, Windows 8 in 2012, and Windows 10 in 2015.

Besides, Windows 11 was publicly available in 2021 after six years due to fixes and improvement time taking.

Given that, the release date of Windows 12 is settled for 2024, at the earliest. This means users won’t get Windows 12 in 2023. However, the date could be escalated if any large gap occurred due to some reason.

Windows 12 System Requirement

For now, nothing extraordinary requirement is entailed to install Windows 12 on your system.

As you installed Windows 11 with the requirements, similarly, it would be required to install W12 operating system software on your PC and laptop.

We expect something like this, where your personal computer should match with the following mentioned characteristics.

  • Minimum 8 GB of RAM
  • 1 GHz CPU clock speed
  • 64-bit processor
  • Minimum of 64 GB of storage

Besides this, you would need a stable internet connection and a Microsoft account for the initial setup.

Before any Windows version, Windows 11 incorporates specialized requirements. These include TPM 2.0 and UEFI with Secure boot. We think Windows 12 will run on similar requirements.

Windows 12 Price Rumors

Rumored sources suggested that the price of an upcoming Windows 12 will be kept similar to its prior Windows version.

Meaning, Windows 12 Home will be available at $139.99 and $199.99 for Windows 12 Pro. However, it’s not a real price, so don’t hinge on this price.

Windows 12 New Interface & Features

New windows 12 interface revealed

Leaked! A new Windows 12 interface was surprisingly revealed during the Ignite 2022 conference.

The above illustration represents the same. At a glance, you could observe that the new UI doesn’t look equivalent to prior Windows versions.

You could see the floating taskbar placed at the bottom of the screen. On the other hand, system icons are located in the right corner. At the top center, there is a search field. In the left corner, the place is dedicated to various widgets and weather stats.

Disclaimer: The image may serve as an example of what the team at Microsoft is working on and practicing to ship the next flagship version of the operating system. It does not accurately state that the image is an exact representation of the new W12 UI.

Following are some predicted new windows 12 features, as of now, to be expected:

  • Wholly new UI design
  • Animated wallpapers
  • Android APK installs support
  • MSN messenger return
  • Settings (no more control panel)

There is no doubt in saying that Windows 12 affirms several new features. And the new UI design is unpredictable and awesome.

Windows 12 Download

If you are searching on the internet to download Windows 12 ISO file, you won’t find it.

It is because it does not exist, at least for now. Windows 12 is not available from Microsoft. Even though not available to access the beta version and not any pre-release builds.

The leaks confine that it is under development and it would take time to make it publicly available. It is being observed to be released in 2024.

Is Microsoft Ready With Windows 12?

Microsoft has a big name in the market and the community always aims to push the legacy of harnessing technology for good… for everyone!

Considering the recent leaks of the new Windows 12 UI may have put us to think that the team at Microsoft is working on producing the next flagship OS. Might be Microsoft is planning to offer Windows 12 to its users.

When Will Users be Able To Download and Install Windows 12?

Excited users have to wait more days to download and install windows 12 on their computer system. Eventually, they may get it in 2024, at the earliest.

The availability could be similar to Windows 11. A genuine Windows user would get a free upgrade feature to the W12 operating system.

How Can I Get Windows 12 For Free?

Windows 12 won’t be available for free. But those who have windows licenses could enjoy having Windows 12 free of cost by updating the OS from the Windows Update Setting.

Is Windows 12 Faster Than Windows 11?

Windows 11 is developed for compatible use. Meaning, even if your laptop has less RAM and slow CPU speed, it works smoothly. Considering this statement, Win 12 would be snappier than Win 11.

Can I Upgrade My Computer From Windows 11 To Windows 12?

Well, it depends on the system requirements and geography. Besides, Microsoft will allow genuine Windows users a free upgrade to Win 12 if system requirements are compatible.

Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows 12: Which Is Best?

Windows 10 and Windows 11 are released and have been experienced by many home users and commercial enterprises. Both have genuine popularity and user acceptability.

On the other hand, Windows 12 is not released yet. So, it's hard to say Windows 12 will be better than its prior versions. However, this debate will remain until the launch of Windows 12.

Will There Be Windows 13 and Windows 14?

Hopefully, Windows 13 and Windows 14 will be available if rumors come true about the release of Windows 12 in 2024. Thereafter, we would expect to see Windows 13 in 2027 and Windows 14 in 2030.

Will You Update To Windows 12 When It is Released?

A lot of people are excited about the hype of Windows 12 and many are looking forward to updating to the new fragile Windows version.

Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

Bookmark this page! We’ll update this page with all the information required on how to get Windows 12 for your PC as soon as Microsoft launches Windows 12.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Windows 12 coming out?

Until now, there is no official statement about the work and launch of Windows 12. Rumor suggests it may come out in 2024.

How to upgrade to Windows 12?

Eligible PCs that are running on W10 and W11 might see the option to upgrade to Windows 12 (only for genuine Windows users).

In what terms Win 12 is different from Win 11?

Windows 12 (from the rumor-leaked information) has an entirely different UI layout and host of new features such as support for Android app file format installation, removal of control panel with Settings, CPU optimization, etc.

Is there a Windows 12 laptop?

Probably in the future we would be able to purchase a laptop that pre-installed with Windows 12 after the release of Windows 12. As of now, no official verdict from Microsoft on this.

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