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Artemis III: NASA's Mission to Grow Plants on the Moon - Everything You Need to Know

NASA's Artemis III mission in 2026 will mark an exciting endeavor as astronauts aim to grow plants on the Moon's surface.

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The Artemis III crew will embark on: - studying the Moon's formation - testing plant growth viability - investigating for human habitation

This mission represents humanity's return to lunar exploration after half a century.

Artemis III follows the initial unmanned Artemis mission and the upcoming Artemis II mission, which will orbit the Moon before returning to Earth in 2025.

NASA's Lunar Effects on Agricultural Flora project, led by Space Lab Technologies, aims to explore agriculture's feasibility in space.

Cress and duckweed have been chosen for the experiment due to their resilience and adaptability to space conditions.

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Artemis III will also conduct missions such as the LEMS to study moonquakes and the  LDA to search for ice and water.