Gamescom Dates, Times, Announcements & More..

When Is Gamescom 2023?

Gamescom 2023 runs from August 22 through August 27 in Cologne, Germany.

What is Gamescom 2023?

It is one of the largest and prominent gaming conventions in the world, held in Cologne, Germany. It features announcements, demonstrations, presentations, and exhibitions of upcoming video games, gaming hardware, and related technology.

Gamescom Opening Night

The Gamescom showcase will be livestreamed on Tuesday, August 22, at the following times: – 11 AM PT – 2 PM ET – 7 PM BST – 8 PM CET – 4 AM AET (August 23)

How to watch Gamescom Opening Night Live?

– YouTube – Twitch – X (Twitter)

Major Game Announcements Expected

-GTA 6 -Silent Hill projects -Metal Gear Solid 3 -Resident Evil projects -Wolverine

Who Will Be At Gamescom 2023?

Remedy Entertainment will feature Alan Wake 2, and Xbox plans its biggest booth at Gamescom, spotlighting highly anticipated exclusives.

How long is Gamescom Opening Night Live?

The exact duration of this year's ONL hasn't been confirmed, but to give you an idea, last year's show lasted around two hours and featured over 30 announcements.