Dead Space Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass This Halloween

In October 2023, Microsoft revealed the next set of games for Xbox Game Pass, featuring titles like Dead Space, Like a Dragon Ishin, and F1 Manager 2023.

Here’s What’s Coming Next To Game Pass:

F1 Manager 2023 | Cloud, Console, and PC-October 19 Cities: Skylines 2 | PC-October 24 Dead Space | Cloud, Console, PC, EA Play-October 26

Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery | Cloud and Console - October 26 Mineko's Night Market | Cloud, Console, and PC - October 26 Headbangers: Rhythm Royale | Cloud, Console, and PC - October 31 Jusant | Cloud, Console, and PC - October 31

The Dead Space remake, a revamped version of the 2008 sci-fi horror game, arrives on Game Pass for cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X / S on October 26th.

Microsoft revealed the games leaving Xbox Game Pass on October 31, 2023. Players can enjoy, complete, or purchase these games at a discount until the end of October.

The games departing from Xbox Game Pass consist of Gunfire Reborn, Kill It With Fire, Persona 5 Royal, Signalis, and Solasta: Crown of the Magister, available on Console, PC, and Xbox Cloud.

Disappointingly, fans awaiting Call of Duty or Diablo games on Xbox Game Pass during the holidays will have to wait until 2024, as confirmed by Xbox Head Phil Spencer.