Tips To

Increase Your Instagram Reel Views

Instagram reels, inspired by TikTok, quickly became the most viewed content on the platform, captivating users with snappy and short videos for early engagement.

Power of Animation

Infuse animation into your Instagram Reels for captivating and distinct content. From animated text to characters and motion graphics, embracing animation elevates your Reels' uniqueness and memorability.

Twisted Mini Tutorials

Offer quick and quirky tutorials related to your niche, but add a surprising twist to them.

“Choose Your Adventure” Reel Series

Create an interactive "Choose Your Adventure" Reel series, where viewers vote in comments to shape the story. This engaging format boosts participation, views, and comments.

Collaborate With Entertainers

Collaborate with comedians or creators of comic videos for humorous content that resonates with your audience's desire for enjoyment. Integrate your product and trending topics for impact.

“Reel vs. Real” Transformations

Display astounding "Reel vs. Real" makeovers, DIY projects, or before-and-after scenes for dramatic transformations that captivate and surprise your audience.

Leverage Augmented Reality Effects

Enhance popularity by incorporating AR effects into your reels. Craft transition videos like turning raw products into a cooked dish or creating a cartoon version of yourself.