Apple's iOS 17.4: A Closer Look at the Latest Improvements

iOS 17.4 Released

Apple rolls out the latest iOS 17.4 update for iPhone devices.

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New Emoji

Introduces fresh emoji like lime wedge, nodding and shaking heads, phoenix, and mushroom.

Apple Podcast Transcripts

Podcast episodes in the Apple Podcast app now come with searchable transcripts in English, Spanish, French, and German.

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Stolen Device Protection

Enhanced security features in all locations with increased authentication requirements to deter thieves.

Caller ID Updates

Caller ID shows information for Apple-verified businesses, including name and logo if available.

App Store Changes in the EU

Apple complies with the DMA in the EU, allowing alternative app marketplaces, support for other web browser engines

Other Updates Include:

- Siri Message Announcement - Battery Health Details -Music Recognition