Sam Altman Returns As OpenAI CEO

Following a period of crisis, Sam Altman has resumed his role as OpenAI's CEO. The previous leadership that ousted Altman has been replaced by three new board members.

Here Are The Newest Members of OpenAI’s Board


Bret Taylor, Board Chair

Bret Taylor serves as a board member at Shopify, previously holding the position of co-CEO at Salesforce and concluding his role as Twitter's final board chair before Elon Musk's acquisition.

Larry Summers

A former Treasury secretary in the Clinton administration and Harvard University president, is an economist. He played a crucial role in leading the National Economic Council during the Global Financial Crisis.

Adam D’Angelo

Adam D'Angelo, the sole remaining member from the previous OpenAI board, joined in 2018. He reportedly played a significant role in the negotiations that led to Sam Altman's return as CEO.

Who’s No Longer on OpenAI’s Board

Helen Toner

Helen Toner, currently the director of strategy and foundational research grants at Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology, previously worked at Open Philanthropy as an advisor on AI policy.

Tasha McCauley

Tasha McCauley, who became a board member at OpenAI in 2018, is currently an adjunct senior management scientist at Rand Corporation. She previously served as the CEO of GeoSim Systems.

Ilya Sutskever

Ilya Sutskever co-founded OpenAI and serves as its chief scientist. He also aligned himself, for a time, with the board members who ousted Altman.