Data Analytics Projects for Beginners

Exploring the NYC Airbnb Market

In the NYC Airbnb Market project, utilize data importing and cleaning skills to analyze New York's Airbnb market. Ingest and merge data from various file types, ensuring accuracy.

Word Frequency in Classic Novels

This project involves using requests and BeautifulSoup to scrape a novel from Project Gutenberg. After cleaning the text data, apply NLP to identify the most frequent words in Moby Dick

Exploring The Cryptocurrency Market

This project involves exploring cryptocurrency data, cleaning the dataset by removing cryptocurrencies without market capitalization.

Consumer Sentiment Analysis

In this project, analyze consumer sentiment toward a product or brand using Twitter data. Preprocess tweets with text-mining algorithms before classifying them as favorable, bad, or neutral.

Sales Data Analysis

This project involves analyzing sales performance and trends using data from an online retail company. Explore various aspects, including product categories, customer groups, order dates, and geographical areas.

Credit Card Fraud Detection

Utilize Kaggle data to detect fraudulent credit card transactions in this project. Address the imbalanced data collection through strategies like resampling, feature selection.

Spotify Music Analysis

Explore songs' tempo, energy, valence, popularity, genre, and more in this project. Create playlists based on factors such as decade, activity, and mood.