The Best TV Shows of 2023

Having trouble deciding what to watch? From sci-fi to medical dramas and natural world documentaries, here are the top TV picks from 2023.


Based on Isaac Asimov's books, Foundation is situated in a universe where a clone-led empire faces danger. Will this show succeed unlike Game of Thrones?

Best Interests

Marnie, a typical 13-year-old, differs due to her severe muscular dystrophy. "Best Interests" is a compassionate drama that explores difficult decisions with empathy.

The Last of Us

From Hannibal to Whitechapel, and now this excellent adaptation of a bestselling video game, why do fungi frequently take the spotlight in TV thrillers?

Wild Isles

"Wild Isles," a BBC nature documentary, used a substantial budget similar to Planet Earth's, focusing on local environments. Even David Attenborough, the host, was amazed by some footage, despite his expertise.

Dead Ringers

Revamping a cult psychological thriller like Dead Ringers is a daunting challenge. Surprisingly, a six-episode series featuring Rachel Weisz as twin gynecologists stands as a success on its own.


TV is filled with dystopias, but quality varies. Silo, a fresh show about an underground society, begins strong but does it truly meet expectations?