Top Ten Warehouse Automation Companies

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Written By Nidhi Sharma

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What is warehouse automation? As it sounds, warehouse automation is the use of automated machines like robots and sensors by companies to accomplish important tasks in their day-to-day operations.

Warehouse automation companies improve customer satisfaction and allow for more growth. Automation systems automate time-consuming tasks quickly and efficiently, without taking up too much of the manual worker's time.

Automation is especially helpful for eCommerce sites as it speeds up fulfillment and shipping times to valued customers. It can be overwhelming to think about how a warehouse team could efficiently get all orders out to E-Commerce sites. This will allow companies to keep customers satisfied and offer quick turnaround times. If your company requires automated assistance, we'll be discussing the top warehouse automation companies.

Common Types of Warehouse Automation Fulfillment

Warehouse automation systems may not all be the same. Below are some of the most popular systems:

GTP (Goods-to-Person) uses conveyors, vertical lifting systems, and carousels to increase warehouse fulfillment speed.

Automatic Guided Vehicles use wires, magnets, and/or sensors for navigating a fixed path through a warehouse. This robot vacuum is a giant robot vacuum that doesn't clean. It is not ideal for complicated floor plans or spatial constraints. However, it can be very reliable and useful for growing businesses.

AMRs, or Autonomous Mobile Robots, are flexible and one of the most popular forms of warehouse automation. They use GPS systems to map warehouses and advanced laser guidance systems for detecting obstacles. It is safe to navigate warehouses with lots of people and complex places.

Voice Picking and Tasking -- select-by-voice. Mobile headsets and speech recognition software can replace the need to use handheld devices such as barcode scanners.

Automated Sortation Systems use barcode scanners and sensors to identify items and redirect them to a warehouse. This system is particularly useful for eCommerce sites, as it allows you to pick, pack, and ship items.

What is Right Time to Switch to Automation?

Once the order exceeds the help, companies realize that automated processes are necessary. It is possible to request automated assistance if valued customers are experiencing delays in shipping or fulfillment, or shipments arrive more often and heavier than usual.

These are 10 warehouse automation companies you should consider:

1. Logistiview

Logistiview is a world leader in warehouse planning and vision technology. Logistiview uses Smartglasses.

They use innovative technology to guide employees through their tasks and can complete each task efficiently and quickly. They also use a hands-free approach to increase efficiency and accuracy.

2. Lucas Robotics

Robotics is used to fulfill warehouse orders, as the name suggests. While fulfilling, Lucas employs business intelligence, multiple languages, as well as accessory ports.

This has the downside that the product must still be physically picked from the shelf by a person who will inspect for defects before it can be shipped.

This can dramatically reduce the physical effort and time required for warehouse fulfillment.

3. Geek+

Geek+ creates smart forklifts and moving robots.

AMR robots from their company are especially useful for the retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries.

4. Westfalia Technologies, Inc.

Companies can work with us to create and implement a unique automated solution. Businesses can achieve their goals and still grow.

Because no two companies are alike, Westfalia helps them reach their goals.

5. Seegrid

Seegrid, a vision-guided vehicle company with auto-navigation capabilities, has been successful. The products can be moved through warehouses with no wires, magnets,s or guiding tape.

6. SnapFulfil

SnapFulfil is a cloud-based platform that allows for more growth than one.

Flexible management is at the forefront. Customers can modify the way that their warehouse is managed regardless of what the numbers are.

Changes in how items are packed and shipped can make a big difference in keeping customers satisfied and returning.

It's efficient and fast. The system integrates into minutes and users can see results within 45 days.

7. TGW Systems Inc.

TGW Systems automation is complex. There are many options. They design, manufacture,e and implement trusted solutions that enable customers to operate their businesses at maximum efficiency.

Each company is unique, its developers are sensitive to this fact. They use different versions to ensure the best fulfillment process.

8. Vecna Robotics

Vecna uses self-driving forklifts to simplify the material handling process. There are many types of automated material handling robots: pallet jacks, convey, and tuggers.

They provide hybrid fulfillment solutions that combine human and robot collaboration efforts to create a seamless workflow. They also use predictive analytics and real-time data to improve workflow.

9. Verity AG

Verity uses drones for warehouse management. They are indoor autonomous drones that have data-driven intelligence.

Fully integrated inventory management systems allow for zero-error warehouses.

Verity will also answer any questions regarding inventory management.

10. GreyOrange

GreyOrange is artificial Intelligence and cloud-enabled. GreyMatter is an intelligent decision-making platform that works as fast as the data it receives.

The company can also make decisions to optimize order fulfillment and manage its customer's robot fleet to communicate information to the human workforce.


You are now ready to jump on board the automation train.

For the future growth of your business, investing in automation systems, such as the ones listed above, could be the best decision.

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