Cookies Policy

Tech Insight Today uses several cookie fundamental practices at their website. This cookie policy page explains how uses, processes, and alters cookie policy.

Cookies get active when users give access to ‘Allow Cookies’ while using the website. When it is enabled, it sends a small data file to the user's system that facilitates understanding the user’s system to offer relevant online experiences, next time they visit.

You agree to term that by visiting our website or any other related product, you are allowing us to use whole or partial personal information through our cookies policy.

You can disallow it anytime or say no to cookies either when cookie policy messages appear or using your browser setting.

Cookies and Its Types

What are cookies if you ask. Cookies are nothing but a file that a website server sends to users when they visit. Cookies enhance online experiences and act as a smart user interface many times. For instance, if you enable cookies, sites can keep you signed in, auto fill out important content, and remember your site preference.

In general, a site with cookies-enabled stores the IP address of the user, third-party link information, the URL information, email address information of the user and details of the items browsed.

Cookies are of various types. Those are mentioned below.

1) Session Cookies

This kind of cookie is time-limited based, the cookies will be deleted as soon as you shut off the browser. It stores the information only about the duration of the visit over a particular website.

2) Persistent Cookies

Persistent cookies are cookies that stay for 30-90 days. Meaning they stay on your device for a fixed time period. It stores settings, personalizations, or sign-on credentials.

3) Third Party Cookies

These are the cookies set by our associated service partners and generally consist of external analytics services. They basically help you to have a better understanding of our services and products.

4) First Party Cookies

This type of cookie is stored by the domain you are visiting directly. It collects analytics data, remembers language settings, and performs other useful functions.

Why Do We Use Cookies?

We use cookies to deliver unparalleled browsing experiences every time you visit us. We ask for cookies to have a certain set of your personal information in order to deliver customized content.

Some important aspect of using cookies are:

  • Improving the experience on-site by recognizing users
  • Recalling their logins and preferences
  • Analyzing behavior, preferences, and likeness of users
  • Personalizing advertising based on browsing history

Important Notice: By using our cookies fundamentals, you’re showing your consent that you've agreed to our terms and conditions.