7 Linux Games You’ll Enjoy Playing

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Windows is the most popular operating system for PC gamers since PC gaming became mainstream. There are games for Windows, MS-DOS and other operating systems, but the majority of popular titles like Call of Duty and Need for Speed can only be downloaded for Windows or consoles.

Steam OS is a popular topic. Valve is responsible for maintaining Steam’s community and market. They developed this Linux-based operating system software. Valve is responsible for creating games such as Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and many other titles. These games are available in Linux and can be played on any Linux computer.

Let's first talk about Steam before we get into the Linux games. Steam is a marketplace where you can buy games for Mac, Linux and PC. You can download the games on any platform, regardless of whether you are using a Mac, Linux or Windows computer. You can download the Steam Client to your computer.

This will enable you to manage all your Steam accounts across all platforms. The family sharing feature allows you to share your games with family members, as well as gifting games. You will find many other amazing features. Steam is the ultimate PC gaming experience.

Steam OS is a Linux-based operating system for pre-built Steam Machines. You can still download Steam OS and install. There are likely to be bugs. It is preferable to use Steam OS instead.

1. Global Offensive Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike is not a part of your PC gaming experience. Counter-Strike's most recent version is i.e. It was eagerly anticipated by gamers around the world and remains a favorite game. Many gamers from around the world love to play it competitively, with prizes worth millions of dollars.

It's easy to understand, but difficult to master. There are two sides: Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. Terrorists want to place a bomb at an explosive location. Counter-Terrorists are trained to destroy the bomb and eliminate all enemies. You can use different guns or work in groups of five. You can play CS:GO on Linux.

2. Dota 2

Dota is addictive enough to cause one teenager's death after playing for 22 days straight! Consider the addictive nature of Dota.

Dota 2 lets you compete online in a multiplayer game. Each team must destroy the base of the opposing side. You will be playing in five-man teams with two players each. The team that destroys first the base of the opposition team wins the match. This is a great match with lots of competition.

3. Minecraft

Minecraft is a game in which you build and craft things. In an open-world, you are an undeveloped character. You aim to rise up the ranks through mining, crafting and building, as well as other activities. You can create anything in the game, making it a great tool for creative people. Both children and adults love it. It is used in many schools as an educational tool. The world is yours to explore. Minecraft's unique feature is the pixelated boxes made up of different elements.

4. Metro Last Light

The end of the Apocalypse has come and gone. Humanity must now live in a new world order. Your character is a detective looking for the truth about the apocalypse. It is also your job to determine if there are inhuman beings or other elements involved. These creatures could be your enemies or could help you create a new world.

Metro: Last Light is a first-person shooter game with an amazing storyline. You will be assigned missions as the story progresses. There are many weapons and guns you can choose from. You think it sounds great? It is indeed fun!

5. Shadow of Mordor Middle-Earth

Shadow of Mordor is an open-world action video game that takes place in Tolkien’s legendarium. It's entertaining. It can be described as a mix of mythology and action. You can also explore a vast open-world. This is one the best games of recent years. It has a great storyline and amazing game elements like customizations and combat. The game will appeal to fans of Lord of the Rings as they have to face the all-powerful evil of Sauron at the final.

6. Terraria

Imagine a 2D side-scrolling Minecraft adventure to better understand Terraria. You get more action. Terraria lets you dig, build, fight and many other activities. Terraria is a sandbox that allows you to explore the world and have fun.

7. BioShock Infinite

BioShock games signal gamers to pay more attention to new games. BioShock Infinite, a story-driven videogame featuring Booker DeWitt as the main character, is available. You can play as him and Elizabeth to conquer the globe, defeat the villains and save Elizabeth from Columbia's flying city.

Linux Games to Play – Wrapping Up

Once upon a time, Linux was thought to be only for geeks. These days, Linux is no longer just for geeks. Steam has made Linux for kids a very popular topic, especially in the realm of gaming. A Linux computer can run many other games. Steam allows you to play many of these games. Steam allows you to browse compatible games. You will find a variety of mainstream and indie titles that you'll love.

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