Best of 10 Google Maps Marketing Trends For 2022

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Written By Nidhi Sharma

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You represent 99 percent of U.S. small businesses if you are one of the 31.7 million. You must always be looking for ways to increase your clientele, especially if you are in this competitive industry.

Luckily, Google understands it. Google has teamed up with SEO tools and Google map marketing to increase local reach for businesses. You can now open a small mom-and-pop store in Tempe, or a large restaurant in Santa Fe. This is your chance to use Google Maps marketing trends in order to gain traction for 2022!

What is Google Map SEO?

However, to make the most of Google Map Marketing Trends, you must first understand what Google Map SEO is and how it works.

Google map SEO, in essence, is a collection of Google features and tools that allows business owners to use Google’s map and navigation to be prominent in their local market. You can use Google map marketing tools to help potential customers locate you online, locate your physical location, and increase footfall at your brick-and-mortar store via SEO.

Why do You Need It?

Google Map SEO offers a variety of benefits including, but not limited to:

Greater Number of Local Searches

Data shows that 46 percent of Google searches are for local businesses. To reach all of these customers, it is crucial to focus on Google Map SEO.

A Low-Cost, Effective Marketing Tool

Google map SEO can be done for free. Local optimization via Google maps can help you market your product to potential clients.

Map Results Rule SERP

Google maps listings are the most popular search result in every Google search. Google map SEO is a great way to grab the attention of your audience.

Attract Customers Who Live Nearby

It is possible to own an ice cream shop in Austin and spend thousands on SEO. Your SEO efforts will be in vain if your local Austin community does not see your ads and links. Google map SEO lets you target customers that are close to your business.

Turn Needs Into Purchases

Let's say that Person A leaves Jersey City to go grocery shopping and discovers their favorite store is closed. You're the person to help them if you own a local grocery store and have done some local optimization.

Get an Edge Over The Competition

97% of customers are more likely to search for a local business online. Imagine your advantage over your competitors if you're online and have Google map SEO. It's simple math!

Boost Brand Credibility & Image

You need to establish a brand identity for your local business. By effectively using Google maps, you're staying in sight of Google Maps Marketing trends you should not ignore in 2022.

Google My Business Profile

Google My Business is the best online tool available for local businesses. You can reach more local customers by setting up a Google Business Profile and advertising via Google Maps. Find out more about Google Business Profiles.

Maps Locally Optimized

Businesses are using local optimization as a very useful tool. Google maps can be used to embed your location and provide directions to your store. This will make it easy for potential customers to find you online when they search for your company.

Use Relevant Media to Enhance Your Content

GMB optimization heavily relies on rich media like photos and videos. Google provides snippets to further examine the videos and photos uploaded to a Google My Business account. Google Map listings will give you a boost if your images are original, relevant, and high-quality.

Get Customer Feedback from Leverage

Google allows businesses to verify their legitimacy by reviewing actual customers. These reviews can be used to your advantage and help you attract new customers. If you get a negative review, respond immediately to it to increase your credibility with existing and potential clients.

Promote to Incentivize

Google map marketing allows businesses to list their sales, promotions, and coupons at the top search results. You can leverage this tool to incentivize customers with promotions on your Google Maps listing.

Google can Improve Engagement

Customers can quickly engage with businesses using Google Maps' quick buttons. These buttons allow customers to call, message, or get directions. For customers to immediately engage with you, make sure that your Google Business Profile contains accurate details.

Increase Customer Reach and Accessibility

Google Maps SEO is a great way to expand your customer reach. Google provides directions to users based on their geographic location and commute method. By providing accurate store location information, and directions and optimizing your site locally, you can increase your customer reach.

Use Tools to Track Performance

You can use a variety of tools to evaluate the success of your Google Search Engine strategy. These tools will help you understand where your strengths and weaknesses are.

Locals can Increase Brand Visibility

You can increase brand visibility in your local community by using Google map SEO. can be reached to search Berg for expert assistance with GMB optimization, Google Map Marketing, and Google Maps SEO.

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