The Best Important SEO Factors For Better Google SERP Ranking

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Written By Nidhi Sharma

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Search engines use ranking factors to determine which pages will be shown on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and in what order. Ranking factors may relate to website content, technical implementation, backlink profile, or other elements.

Google uses more than 100 ranking factors to decide which websites will be displayed at the top of the SERP. However, not all ranking factors are equally important. Google makes a lot more changes to its ranking algorithms every year in order to improve the quality and relevancy of its search results. These ranking factors will help you create useful content for your audience.

This list contains the most important Google ranking factors that will determine the position of your website in the SERPs. These SEO factors are important for businesses who want Google to send them more relevant traffic and give them a high rank on the SERPs.

Quality Content and Relevance

Engaging and relevant content is the foundation of digital marketing. The most important SEO ranking factor is undoubtedly quality content. Content for your website is every image, banner ad, and blog post. Google doesn't prioritize clickbait that is too long and contains too many keywords. You'll get a tremendous ROI (Return on Investment) if you invest in SEO content to increase website traffic.


Quality backlinks are second in Google rankings after content. It can influence the quality and quantity of your website. If you want to rank high on search engines, inbound links (or backlinks) will remain a key SEO factor. Google's algorithm plays an important role in establishing backlinks to authoritative websites. Pages with high-quality backlinks will be more likely to rank well in organic search engines.

Keyword Optimization

Not only is it important to create quality content and get high-authority backlinks from other sites, but the most important ranking factor is the inclusion of relevant keywords on your site. Keyword optimization refers to the process of finding, analyzing, and selecting the most relevant keywords in order to drive qualified traffic to your website from the SERP. SEO is all about how efficient you are in researching, finding, analyzing, selecting, and implementing the right keywords for your website. Your website can be optimized for keywords by including your primary keyword in the URL, title, meta description, and headings.

Site Loading Speed

Website loading speed is critical. Your website's loading speed is a key factor in determining your site's rank in search results. Google considers site speed when ranking high-speed websites over slower-loading ones. Your customers won't enjoy browsing your site if it is slow. They will bounce off your website and lose their valuable traffic. Google's PageSpeed Insights online tool is great for identifying web performance issues.

Mobile-optimized Friendly Website

Google is a search engine that wants to provide the best results for search queries. By checking a website's mobile-friendliness, Google can ensure that the mobile searcher can access all information. Your customers will have negative impressions of your business if your website is not mobile-friendly. They may leave your site, which can negatively impact your SEO ranking. A mobile-optimized friendly website can help you reach your most targeted market.

User Experience

Customer experience is more than just product descriptions and pictures. Videos, infographics, and other high-quality content are necessary to create an experience people love and want to return for. It's a great thing to create a customer experience. Being able to show Google that you are giving your visitors what they want will help boost your SEO website ranking.

Technical SEO

SEO efforts won't produce the desired results if there are technical issues on your website. Technical SEO is the improvement of technical aspects of a website to help search engine spiders crawl your site and index it more efficiently. Technical SEO can include many factors such as sitemap, robot.txt, security, redirects, and many others.

Understanding Google's algorithm, ranking factors, and how to prioritize SEO efforts is key. These ranking factors will be applied to your website and help it rank higher in search results. Swayam Infotech can help you develop an SEO strategy and set up a meeting to discuss your needs. Our SEO strategy is tailored to your business goals and includes the following key elements.

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