Best 7 Security Questions About Cloud CCTV

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Written By Ishika Chauhan

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Cloud CCTV is your eyes that see what's going on around you even though you aren't there. You may also consider other options like alarms, sensors, or technology such as video doorbells to protect your home and business. However, CCTV with cloud storage is the best way to protect your premises.

Most people were forced to stay in their homes due to the pandemic. Businesses and individuals were searching for ways to protect their assets, families, business, and property. This led to people looking for solutions to their problems through Cloud CCTV. It offers cloud storage in CCTV and surveillance Solutions.

There has been an increase in curiosity about cloud CCTV and cloud storage for CCTV. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Cloud CCTV, and their answers:

7 Security Questions about Cloud CCTV System:

How do I Remotely Access Cloud CCTV?

Cloud storage can be used to interconnect CCTV cameras and give you better access to recorded and live video footage. It allows you to see live footage from all cameras on one platform. This can help ensure that your facility runs smoothly and safely.

An authorized user can access live footage in a matter of seconds using a smart device or an internet connection.

How Fast Can I Respond to an Emergency with CCTV and Cloud Storage?

By zooming/enhancing images and footage captured from CCTV Cloud Cameras, one can look for any suspicious activity or individual.

If you suspect any suspicious activity:

  • Alarm would sound
  • A notification would be sent to the personnel or security team on-site to prompt action.
  • Cloud Camera Solutions are one of the best security solutions. Cloud Camera Solutions are cost-effective and can be used to reduce, detect, and record crime.
  • You can also add another layer of security to your overall security by using the motion detection and audio recorder.

Do I Need Active Surveillance of The CCTV Cloud Storage footage?

A London study has shown that active surveillance (where trained staff monitor live footage for suspicious activity) can reduce crime by 15% compared to surveillance done without active monitoring.

With a proactive security team and a CCTV cloud storage system, any suspicious activity can be detected in real-time. Statistics show that a well-managed security program such as this can prove to be extremely effective in any industry or under any circumstance.

Combining CCTV surveillance with other security measures like perimeter fences and improved lighting reduces crime by an amazing 34%

IGZY – E Surveillance Company provides a unified platform that allows you to monitor all your CCTV cameras with Cloud storage cameras from one interface. IGZY lets you monitor your premises with your security team, or let them safeguard your premises by hiring highly trained security officers to watch over your premises 24 hours a day.

How Secure is CCTV with Cloud Storage to Protect Companies from Security Risks?

Although it is not always possible, CCTV Cloud cameras can often be enough to reduce the risk of robberies and vandalism.

A CCTV Camera System can be used to monitor your facility and identify areas that require improvement. You can't afford to lose video footage in certain areas.

These areas can be identified and used to improve security and efficiency. You can use CCTVs to check if your perimeter is secure. To ensure that no unauthorized persons enter your property, you can inspect if your fencing is intact and if the gates have been properly locked.

Many business owners and enterprises worry about stock being left unprotected at their stores or warehouses. CCTV Cloud Storage is a great way to keep an eye on your assets and detect and record any suspicious activity around your property.

Do You Store and Save Footage on A Cloud Solution or On-Premise?

After alerting authorities, you checked the surveillance footage. The thieves took your hard drive, so there was no way to recover it or catch them.

Modern security solutions are based on video footage. Cloud storage for CCTV makes sure that your data and/or footage is never lost.

Cloud CCTV automatically updates and syncs all your footage in the cloud. Cloud CCTV prevents any loss of footage because all footage is uploaded to the cloud immediately. You can access your footage whenever you need it by storing it in the cloud.

So footage can be recovered even if there is no hard drive. Cloud storage for CCTV can be a lot cheaper than long-term storage. It offers greater safety and stability, as well as cost-effectiveness.

Can Cloud Camera be Used During Restricted Times?

Even though people are often present during the day, it is at night, on weekends, and holidays that a facility is most at risk.

For viewing at night or in darkness, CCTV cloud cameras can be used. If there is any suspicious activity at night, or when nobody is present, the individual can be identified, recorded, and arrested. CCTV Cloud Cameras are active in these situations to minimize losses.

Can Cloud CCTV Provide The Security That My Industry Requires?

Different industries have different security priorities and pain points.

Some industries require machinery to do their jobs. It is therefore essential that machinery is used correctly and safely.

Cloud CCTV can be used in certain places to verify that employees are following safety and optimal machinery use procedures. You can ensure that employees and machinery are safe by monitoring the safety and health protocols. Security requirements can also be challenging in other industries, healthcare logistics, and banking.

Sometimes, security issues can be a problem in banking, healthcare, or industrial logistics. These challenges can be addressed with CCTV with Cloud Storage.


These uncertain and precarious times call for security and safety. Cloud CCTV Cameras are used to actively prevent threats and risks and provide long-term security.

IGZY offers large businesses customized CCTV and Cloud storage solutions. This will ensure that their business is safe and secure.

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