How Could You Find The Best MVP App Development Company

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Written By Ishika Chauhan

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MVP development allows you to validate concepts, attract early adopters, as well as validate your product idea with minimal investment. MVP development can be a tedious process and requires expertise and experience.

Many companies offer MVP development services at an affordable price. How do you choose the right one for your company? You can search for "Affordable MVP Development Companies" using a search engine. It will return thousands of results. Do entrepreneurs have the time or patience to go through all of those websites? No.

Let's now look at the steps you need to take in order to choose the best and most affordable MVP development option for your company.

  • Research
  • Fast check
  • Potential Clients Shortlisting
  • Evaluation of a Proposal

This is why you need to work with a professional MVP development firm. These are our top picks:

SunTec India

Established in 1999. Team Size: 1500+. Location: USA, UK & INDIA. Clutch Rating: 4.6


Founded in 2014, Team Size: 10+. Location: UK & INDIA. Clutch Rating:3.5

These MVP development companies were chosen based on the characteristics of the best MVP company.

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SunTec India

They are a well-known name in the outsourcing industry and offer a full range of IT outsourcing services. It is one of the most successful mobile app development companies in India. It also includes:

  • MVP Product Development
  • Data Entry and Management
  • Apps & Web Development
  • Photo Editing
  • Digital Marketing
  • UX/UI Designs & Development that are user-centered
  • Cloud & DevOps
  • Emerging tech implementations such as AI and Blockchain.

They were founded in 1999 and have since built a team of 1500+ tech professionals, including designers, developers, engineers, testers business analysts, marketers tech writers, project managers, scrum masters, and other tech specialists. They have more than 20 years of experience in developing MVP products for different verticals. They serve corporate giants as well as startups in retail, real estate, and healthcare.

There are many benefits to working with them:

  • Flexible engagement models: Fixed price (Reasonable), time & material, dedicated developers, quick turnaround time
  • A large pool of developers is available to help you turn your business ideas into full-fledged, profitable products.
  • MVP solutions are used to understand early adopter journeys in varying markets, assess risk and uncertainty, and gain a competitive advantage.

SunTec India MVP Development Process

  • Step 1: Business Problem Discovery
  • Step 2: Targeting Features
  • Step 3: Create a prototype
  • Step 4: Interface Design
  • Step 5: MVP release
  • Step 6: MMP deployment


Intelivita has the extensive industry experience and offers the best MVP development services for startups. The company offers MVP development as well as mobile and web app development, AR/VR development, UI/UX development, IoT development, Blockchain development, and other services. Global clients can be found in all industry verticals: real estate, travel, finance and accounting, entertainment, as well as eCommerce, eCommerce, mobile, web, and cloud development. The company is also an expert in various technologies and software for mobile, cloud, web, design, and cloud.

Bottom Line

My research shows that the companies I have listed are the top MVP mobile app developers for both startups and corporate giants. There may be many other MVP products that are better than the ones mentioned above. Based on extensive research, including pricing, services, client reviews, and Clutch rating, reliability, and ranking on Google, I suggest the following names.

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