How to Implement SEO — Even With Zero Experience

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Written By Nipun Singh

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You know that an SEO strategy is necessary for your small business. But you may not be familiar with SEO or what it can do. It's okay to feel overwhelmed and intimidated, even if you aren't a professional marketer.

Let's start with the basics. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the practice of making your company more visible online.

👉 No matter what industry, searchability is crucial. Searchability is crucial for any industry.

How to be a Successful SEO

Many small business owners mistakenly believe that creating an SEO strategy takes a lot of money and time. This is according to research from The Manifest.

In 2019, only around one-third of small businesses had an SEO strategy. SEO isn't expensive.

SEO does not have to cost a lot. However, the results take time to show positive effects on the bottom line. You don't need a degree or certificate to learn the basics of SEO. It is enough to follow a few guidelines and implement them.

SEO success is not about spending a lot of money, but consistency. You can improve your reputation by using simple techniques, even if you are outranked by a competitor for certain keywords on Google or Bing, YouTube, or any other search engine.

These are some strategies that I recommend:

1. Keep These Three Digital Assets

Three things are required to reap the full SEO benefits:

  • a Google My Business Page,
  • a YouTube channel,
  • and a website.

According to Top Design Firms, 71% of small businesses had a website by 2021.

These three digital assets are worth your investment. Let's begin with your Google My Business Page.

GMB pages are the fastest way to find your business online within a specific geographic area.

You want to be found in search results when someone searches for "restaurants near me" if you are a restaurant owner.

Although you may not think that local searches will bring you much business, it is still essential to have a GMB site to complement your SEO strategy.

Your YouTube channel and website are non-negotiable. These assets will help you reach the world as you develop your strategy.

2. Find Out Your Business Category.

What words should customers use to describe your business? These are the words you should use when describing your business online.

You could, for example, say "I'm an expert in pipe construction and use metal and plastic to transport liquids." However, everyone would still call you a plumber. They'll look for the word plumber when they have a problem.

You need to be aware of the sandbox that you are playing in from a search engine standpoint. How you describe yourself is not something you can do lightly.

You can think about what your ideal customer searches for, and then use those words even if they don't fully describe your business.

This will help you appear on more search results pages, and get in front of more potential customers. Let me give you an example.

I have a friend that can do many restorations. Guess which phrase he uses in his SEO strategy. Furniture restoration. This term is more searched than any other associated with his work.

Ironically, he can get tons of car restoration businesses by using furniture restoration-related keywords. Although he doesn't have any SEO knowledge, he thinks like customers and is familiar with his niche, which gives him an advantage.

3. Learn the Language of Your Customers

SEO is more than just saying what you want. This rule applies to content you create for your website, blog, or YouTube channel.

You must speak the language of your audience. Listen to their feedback and comments and then reflect on the words and phrases they use.

Do not try to use technical jargon. Use plain English and clear communication.

Remember that what is ordinary to you may be extraordinary to someone unfamiliar with your craft. According to Smart Insights, you should include simple questions and phrases that are similar to what searchers might type.

How can you find out which keywords will lead more prospects to your site? You can use any one of these software tools BuzzSumo or AnswerThePublic.

Because they are more ideation-based than any other tool, none of them are specifically designed for SEO. Each one of them can be incredibly helpful in writing content.

4. Make Sure You are Consistent Across all Your Digital Sites

Make sure everything about your business is consistent across your Google My Business page and YouTube channel. Your website should have the same information as your GMB page.

You should update your digital assets if anything changes. For example, a new address or a change in your phone number. They won't automatically update. You don't want your GMB page with outdated information.

Side note: Make sure you include your hours of operation for every asset. If you don’t have a physical location, try to be available seven days a week. Even if your phone isn't answered at 9 p.m.

You'll see more people searching for your product or service if you are more open to answering their calls.

Conclusion: Become Searchable With SEO

The world knows you are an expert in your field and should be able to find you. SEO doesn't have to be difficult.

You'll be ahead of the pack if you regularly update your information and manage your digital assets. You'll see a rise in your rankings and be more easily found. Go out and be yourself.

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