Why Developers Should Outsource Customer Service?

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Written By Nidhi Sharma

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Final Fantasy 14 was released in 2021. It was so successful that digital copies ran out. The launch was further hampered by long queue times, and the inability of servers to manage many players, and lengthy queue times. This is the kind of success that all game developers strive for. The shortage showed that there were serious mistakes made along the way. It might have been a smart decision to outsource customer service prior to launch. We will now briefly discuss the advantages of outsourcing in relation to game and software developers.

Why Customer Support is So Important in The Tech industry

It's easy to imagine that your game developers' clients will all be geeky teens who know as much as you do about coding.

There are many more players on the market. Gen X was the original gaming generation. Many of them continue to follow the latest gaming trends. Software developments have an even greater impact on a larger number of users.

You need to realize that although you may be targeting a specific market, your reach goes beyond that initial target.

Or you risk losing customers. There are clients who require technical support even within your target market. If you are unable to manage customer support in-house, it is a smart move to outsource it.

Support for customers is vital in every industry. However, it cannot be stressed enough within the gaming and tech communities.

Lost Confidence, Lost Revenue

A specific example of a problem with customer service for a game manufacturer are the complaints made by players about the customer support for "Red Dead Redemption 2".

Players reported that they had to wait for customer service staff to respond to their calls. They also complained about the inability to resolve player problems when they did speak.

Others reported that customer service staff could not provide accurate or helpful information about the game. Some players reported that they could not get a refund or an exchange for their game, even though they had technical problems.

Another example is the problem with Fallout 76 customer support at the time the game was released.

Many players complained that the game was plagued by bugs and performance problems. Many players had difficulty reaching customer service and were forced to wait for long periods before they could speak with someone. Many players reported that customer service staff could not provide any solutions for their problems with the game.

Customer support has been criticized for slow responses and low resolution rates when it comes accounting recovery or refunds of in-game purchases.

There are Many Benefits to Trusting An External Team

It may have seemed insane to hire outsiders to manage sensitive customer service functions thirty years ago.

It makes sense today, provided you have the right team.

Outsourcing Makes Sense

You can trust the right team to help you grow and succeed. They know that their success will help them build their own, and they are dedicated to you. Gamers have a different mindset. They are just as excited about your app or game as you are. Gamers are part of a larger community and want to see other gamers succeed.

A good outsourcing company will train dedicated consultants to get to know your product inside out.

Your outsourcing company will partner with you to give their team access to your knowledge to answer more difficult questions.

How can Outsourcing Help You to Grow?

Think about what you can accomplish with flexible staffing requirements.

Imagine, for instance, that you want your launch to be a success and that your clients receive additional support. It is possible to hire up to 30 consultants temporarily, and hope that they are able to dedicate enough energy to the task.

You could also outsource customer service to an agency. They will manage your employee numbers so that you have the resources you need at all times. They are all customer service professionals and have the ability to handle all clients.

They would only need to know more about your launch. They could also access your knowledge base for any additional information they may need. Instead of spending months searching for the right people and then wasting your time and money on weeding out the good ones, you now have a team that is ready to go.

If you are smart, you might even be able to partner with multinational firms. You would have multilingual employees who could converse in the client's native language.

You could also look for a company with strong IT support background, in addition to the language and service training aspects.

5 Key Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Services

1. Reduced In-House Expenses

A call center requires a lot of staff time. Although game manufacturers have a lot of experience in developing software, they often fall short when it comes to customer support. Outsourcing companies often have economies of scale, so they can offer services at a lower price.

2. Access to Expertise

Companies can outsource customer service to gain specialized expertise they may not be able to provide in-house. A company might hire customer service specialists to help them in a particular language or area in order to provide better customer service.

3. Flexibility

Companies can outsource customer service to adapt to the level of support that they receive depending on their requirements. A company might need to hire more customer service representatives to handle increased calls during peak season (and different service hours in different locations).

4. Increased customer satisfaction

Outsourcing customer service can lead to better customer satisfaction as companies are able to offer a higher level of service to customers. Outsourcing companies will usually have more experience and resources in customer service. This can result in faster resolution times and better customer satisfaction.

5. Core Business Focused

Outsourcing customer service allows companies to focus on their core business activities and not divert resources to maintain an in-house customer support department. This will allow them to grow and become more competitive.

You Win The Game

Outsourcing customer support means that your clients have access to knowledgeable and friendly consultants who are available 24/7.

It's win-win for everyone and improves your brand image.

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