Best 10 Cryptocurrency Stocks to Buy During Bloodbath

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Written By Nipun Singh

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There are many speculative cryptocurrency stocks you can buy, here are the top ten.

Blockchain technology was originally created to allow for a peer-to-peer, borderless electronic cash payment system. An investor can invest in crypto himself, by purchasing small amounts of different cryptocurrencies. It is better to invest in larger, more established companies that are more likely to be exposed to the sector. This article lists the 10 best cryptocurrency stocks you can buy during the bloodbath.

Roblox Corporation

Market cap: US$39.99

Roblox's mission is to unite the world through play. Roblox allows its users to create, imagine, and have fun together, as well as explore millions of 3D experiences. The RBLX stock soared from US$77 to US$110 in just one session, which suggests that it could become one of the most popular crypto stocks by 2022.

Coinbase Global

Market cap: US$55.41

Coinbase Global is a top cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to buy and sell major cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It also lets them trade over 50 altcoins. This trading platform's success is dependent on the rise in cryptocurrency prices. Every time someone orders cryptos to buy or sell, Coinbase receives a small transaction charge. Customers can also benefit from
game-changing innovations on the platform.

Voyager Digital

Market cap: US$0.26
Voyager Digital, a cryptocurrency stock exchange that allows users to purchase the most popular cryptocurrencies, is Voyager Digital. This exchange also allows users to get attractive returns on their assets, which is a popular feature in the crypto market. As more people use the platform's various features, this stock will rise. Over the last few months, the Voyager token has seen a double in value.

MicroStrategy Incorporated

Market cap: US$187.68

MicroStrategy, a leader in business intelligence, also offers cloud-based and mobile software. MicroStrategy aims to provide intelligence all over the world. This analytics platform provides instant answers to complex questions.

CME Group

Market cap: US$204.36

CME Group is the largest financial derivatives exchange in the world. It allows investors to trade futures and bet on the future price of assets. CME Group's exchange can trade a variety of assets including currencies, agricultural and mining products, stocks, and energy stocks. Although crypto derivatives remain a niche market for CME Group, the company plans to introduce more exchanges for crypto assets.

Robinhood Markets

Market cap: US$8.40

Robinhood Markets is a discount brokerage that lets users buy stocks, rare metals, and cryptocurrencies. Large cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and dogecoin can be bought and sold on a commission-free platform. This platform offers a commission-free platform that allows for the rapid scaling of the number of cryptocurrencies available on the platform. This gives it a huge advantage over traditional decentralized platforms.


Market cap: US$3.46

Over the last few years, biting mining has seen a significant change. Companies like Canaan have developed high-powered, specific integrated circuit machines for brute-forcing correct guesses of the network's hash. The next-gen Avalon ASCIS from the company can make trillions upon trillions of guesses per second to determine the correct hash for validating blocks on the Bitcoin network.

Argo Blockchain

Market cap: US$0.52

Argo Blockchain mined 597 bitcoins and BTC equivalents in Q3 2021. The company's total Bitcoin holdings increased to 1,836. As blockchain technology continues to develop and influence the world economy, the company plans to be a powerhouse of blockchain technology. The company also plans to diversify its business beyond mining in the next few years.

Hut 8 Mining Corp

Market Cap: US$1.47

Hut 8 Mining Corp, a Canadian digital asset mining company, focuses on Bitcoin and Ethereum. The company reported last that it had 264 bitcoins mined, and a production rate of 9.11 Bitcoins per day. This company is a top pick in crypto mining and has great potential for growth next year.

Hive Blockchain Technologies

Market cap: US$3.37

HIVE is a company that aims to bridge the gap between blockchain and traditional capital markets. HIVE has advanced green energy-powered data centers that continuously produce digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum on the cloud. The HIVE stock jumped by almost 50% last month and could grow even more in the coming quarters.

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