Apple Shifts Focus to Personal Home Robots After Ending Electric Vehicle Project

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  • Bloomberg reported on Wednesday that Apple is considering delving into the creation of personal home robots following the abandonment of its electric vehicle venture.
  • According to individuals familiar with the research team's work, engineers are exploring the possibility of designing a robot capable of trailing users within their residences.
  • Additionally, they are examining the potential of a tabletop device equipped with robotics to modify a display screen.
  • This move comes after Apple's decision in February to halt its electric vehicle project, marking another ambitious endeavor that the tech giant has discontinued.

Apple Home Robots, Personal Home Robot

Bloomberg Reveals Apple's Shift

Bloomberg disclosed on Wednesday that Apple is delving into the realm of personal apple home robots following the termination of its electric vehicle project.

Sources familiar with the research team revealed that Apple engineers are contemplating the development of a home robot capable of accompanying users throughout their living spaces.

Additionally, they are exploring the concept of a tabletop device equipped with robotics to manipulate a display screen.

Source: Twitter/Bloomberg

End of the Electric Vehicle Project

Disbanding the Special Projects Group

In February, Apple disbanded its team responsible for electric cars, known as the Special Projects Group, bringing an end to yet another ambitious venture.

The secretive program, which boasted thousands of staff, was initially unveiled in 2014 after Apple recruited automotive engineers and other relevant personnel.

Diversification Strategy

Apple's Ambitions

Apple's venture into the automotive industry was a strategic move aimed at diversifying its product portfolio.

In recent years, the tech giant has made substantial investments in innovative products like the Apple Watch and the Vision Pro virtual reality headset.

However, it is projected that the Vision Pro will take several years to generate substantial revenue.

Focus on Personal Robotics

Shifting Oversight

According to Bloomberg, oversight of the development of personal robotics has shifted to Apple's hardware engineering division and its artificial intelligence and machine learning group. The project, focusing on apple home robots, is still in its nascent stages of research and development.

Amazon’s Precedent with Astro

Introduction and Evolution

In 2021, Amazon unveiled its $1,600 Astro home robot, essentially a smart display mounted on wheels capable of responding to Alexa commands. Nearly three years since its debut, the device remains accessible in limited quantities via invitation only.

In a noteworthy development, a key executive overseeing the project departed Amazon last May. Additionally, in November, the company introduced a business-oriented variant of Astro, resembling a mobile security guard.


1. What prompted Apple to explore personal apple home robots?
Apple's exploration of personal apple home robots comes after the discontinuation of its electric vehicle project. The tech giant aims to diversify its product offerings and venture into new markets.

2. How advanced is Apple's research into home robots?
While Apple is in the early stages of research and development, engineers are exploring concepts such as a robot that can accompany users throughout their homes and a tabletop device with robotic capabilities to adjust a display screen.

3. Why did Apple disband its electric vehicle project?
The disbandment of Apple's electric vehicle project, also known as the Special Projects Group, signifies the end of another ambitious initiative. Despite employing thousands of staff, the project was terminated as part of Apple's strategic shifts.

4. How has Amazon contributed to the field of home robotics?
Amazon introduced the Astro home robot in 2021, which functions as a smart display on wheels capable of responding to Alexa commands. The company has continued to innovate, releasing a business-oriented variant resembling a mobile security guard.

5. What other ventures has Apple pursued recently?
Aside from exploring personal home robots, Apple has invested significantly in products like the Apple Watch and the Vision Pro virtual reality headset. These endeavors are part of Apple's strategy to expand its product portfolio and explore new revenue streams.

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