2 Burnsville Police Officers and One Firefighter Fatally Shot While Responding to Domestic Incident in Minnesota

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  • Two Burnsville police officers and a paramedic were fatally shot in a Twin Cities suburb on Sunday morning, authorities reported.
  • The incident occurred in Burnsville, Minnesota, where officers responded to a call at around 1:50 a.m. The suspect, who was armed, is also deceased.
  • The scene involved a home on 33rd Avenue South and East 126th Street, just west of the Interstate 35E-Highway 77 interchange.
  • Inside the residence, several individuals, including seven young children aged 2 to 15, were barricaded.

Tragic Burnsville Police Shooting Incident

Evans mentioned that law enforcement spent a significant amount of time negotiating with the individual involved. Paramedics were called in for backup around 5 a.m., and shortly after, dispatch instructed everyone to stay back as the suspect began shooting.

Officials in Burnsville police identified the victims as Officers Paul Elmstrand and Matthew Ruge, along with Firefighter/Paramedic Adam Finseth. Sgt. Adam Medlicott from the BPD was also shot but is expected to recover.

The suspect, who remains unidentified, was pronounced dead around 8 a.m., and family members inside the residence were safely evacuated shortly afterward.

According to Evans, the exact sequence of events regarding when the gunfire occurred is unclear at this stage of the investigation. He mentioned that several officers did return fire, noting that the suspect possessed multiple firearms and a significant amount of ammunition.

The fallen first responders

City officials stated that Elmstrand, aged 27, became a member of the Burnsville Police Department in 2017 and earned a promotion in 2019.

Ruge, also 27, joined the force in 2020.

Finseth, aged 40, has served as a firefighter and SWAT paramedic in the city since 2019. Fire Chief B.J. Jungmann mentioned that Finseth had previously worked with the fire departments in Savage and Hastings.

Source: Youtube/LiveNow From Fox

Medlicott has served with the BPD for nine years and five months.

Burnsville Police Chief Tanya Schwartz expressed the department's profound sorrow, stating, "Today, three members of our team made the ultimate sacrifice for this community. They are heroes."

She emphasized the daily hope that officers return safely to their families, acknowledging the heartbreaking reality that this wasn't the case today. Schwartz emphasized the need for time to come together and grieve.

Fire Chief B.J. Jungmann described Sunday as the city's toughest day ever, acknowledging the tragedy and expressing the collective grief and the search for understanding.

Neighbors provided descriptions of the scene.

Jason Skog noticed a significant police and SWAT presence in the neighborhood around 2 a.m., but things escalated around 5 a.m.

He heard a loud explosion followed by rapid gunfire, realizing something serious was happening nearby. Skog received a call from the Burnsville police instructing him to shelter in place.

Dylan Foline, a resident of the neighborhood and a father of two, was deeply shaken by the incident, especially upon learning about the family barricaded in the home during the shooting.

He expressed sympathy for the families affected and struggled with explaining the event to his daughter.

Shawn Flynn, who also lives nearby, emphasized the importance of cherishing family and being grateful for safety.

He reflected on the unpredictability of life and the need to appreciate each day.

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