CDC Issues Urgent Alert on Rising Measles Cases: Vaccination Crucial for Travelers

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CDC Issues Alert on Rising Measles Cases and Travel Recommendations

Health officials in the United States are sounding the alarm on a concerning uptick in measles cases worldwide.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a stark warning to doctors, urging them to be vigilant about the global spread of measles and to take proactive measures, particularly for families planning international travel.

With the spring and summer travel season fast approaching, the CDC emphasizes the importance of vaccination, especially for infants as young as 6 months old.

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Global Outbreaks and Travel Concerns

The CDC highlights that numerous countries, including popular destinations for American tourists such as Austria, the Philippines, Romania, and the United Kingdom, are currently grappling with measles outbreaks.

This surge in cases underscores the necessity for travelers to take precautions, particularly in regions where vaccination rates may be insufficient.

Vaccination Rates and Herd Immunity

Alarmingly, the CDC points out that 36 US states have vaccination rates below the critical threshold of 95% among kindergarteners, which is crucial for achieving herd immunity.

Despite generally robust vaccination rates against measles in the US, there has been a slight decline from 95% to 93%, raising concerns among health officials.

Impact of Vaccination

Dr. Nirav Shah, principal deputy director of the CDC, stresses the significance of even a modest decrease in vaccination rates. A mere two-percentage-point drop translates to roughly 250,000 vulnerable kindergarteners across the population.

However, he reassures that vaccinated individuals have significantly lower risks of contracting measles compared to Covid-19, thanks to the high vaccination coverage.

Effectiveness of Measles Vaccine

The measles vaccine remains highly effective, with two doses providing about 97% protection against infection, while a single dose offers around 93% efficacy. Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld, president of the American Medical Association, reaffirms the overwhelming scientific evidence supporting vaccines as a safe and effective measure for preventing illness and preserving public health.

Updated Travel Guidelines

In response to the evolving situation, the CDC has revised its travel guidelines. International travelers uncertain of their vaccination status are advised to consult a doctor at least six weeks before their trip to ensure adequate time for immunization.

This is an extension from previous guidelines, which recommended seeking medical advice at least a month before traveling abroad.

Measures for Protection

To combat the spread of measles, the CDC recommends earlier vaccination for infants and ensuring that unvaccinated children receive two doses of the measles-containing vaccine before traveling, with the doses spaced at least 28 days apart.

Measles is highly contagious, lingering in the air for up to two hours after an infected person has left a room and spreading through contaminated surfaces.

Global Concerns and Rising Cases

The global measles situation is dire, with 46 countries reporting high numbers of cases. Despite the US having officially eliminated measles as an endemic infection, imported cases remain a concern, particularly among unvaccinated travelers.

In 2024 alone, the US has already seen 58 measles cases in 17 jurisdictions, with some instances of local transmission reported in various states.

Measles: A Serious Threat

Measles can lead to severe complications, especially for vulnerable populations such as children under 5, adults over 20, pregnant women, and individuals with compromised immune systems.

The decline in childhood vaccinations during the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the global measles crisis, with the WHO's European region witnessing a staggering rise in cases from less than 1,000 in 2022 to over 30,000 last year.


As measles cases continue to surge worldwide, the CDC emphasizes the critical importance of vaccination and proactive measures for travelers. With measles posing significant health risks, especially in the context of declining vaccination rates and global outbreaks, timely intervention and public awareness are essential in combating this highly contagious disease.

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