Corruption Probe Targets Peru’s President Dina Boluarte’s Residence

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Peru’s President Dina Boluarte House Raided

Peru's President Dina Boluarte home Raided became the focal point of an ongoing corruption investigation related to unreported luxury watches, according to police officials.

Police Raid on Boluarte’s Residence

The AFP news agency, citing a police report, disclosed that approximately 40 officials conducted a raid early Saturday morning to search for undisclosed Rolex watches allegedly owned by Boluarte.

Televised footage captured the dramatic moment as government agents broke into the president’s residence using a sledgehammer, reported by The Associated Press news agency.

Source: Twitter/BBC World

Boluarte’s Response and Criticisms

During a speech to the nation, Boluarte criticized the police search of her residence and the presidential palace, denouncing the actions as "arbitrary, excessive, and abusive." She reiterated her commitment to leave the presidency with clean hands in 2026.

Peruvian Prime Minister Gustavo Adrianzen criticized the raids, expressing concerns about their impact on investments and the nation's stability.

He stressed that recent actions were disproportionate and unconstitutional, although Boluarte's presidency emphasized that the operation was carried out smoothly and without incident.

Ongoing Investigation and Allegations

Authorities initiated an inquiry into Boluarte following a report alleging her wearing various Rolex watches at official functions. Boluarte attributed the luxury items to her hard work since the age of 18, dismissing questions about their affordability on a public salary.

Attorney General Juan Villena criticized Boluarte's request for a two-week delay in her court appearance, emphasizing her obligation to cooperate with the investigation and provide evidence regarding the watches' purchase. He also warned against any disposal or destruction of the three Rolex watches required for investigation.

The government comptroller announced a review of Boluarte's asset declarations from the past two years for irregularities. Despite ongoing scrutiny, Boluarte has staunchly defended herself throughout the ordeal.

Boluarte’s Political Journey and Critics

Boluarte ascended to power as vice president and minister of social inclusion in July 2021 before assuming the presidency in December 2022 following the tumultuous tenure of former President Pedro Castillo.

Critics accuse Boluarte's administration of exhibiting an increasingly authoritarian stance, resisting calls for early elections, and cooperating with Congress on legislation that potentially undermines Peru's judicial independence.

The aftermath of Castillo's actions witnessed significant protests resulting in at least 49 deaths, further adding to the political turmoil surrounding Boluarte's presidency.

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