Finland shooting: Three 13-Year-Olds Injured in School Shooting

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Finland shooting

Three 13-year-old children have been injured in a Finland shooting at Viertola school in Vantaa, as reported by the local police.

The incident occurred before 09:00 (06:00 GMT) on Tuesday, prompting authorities to urge residents in the vicinity to remain indoors.

Suspect Apprehended

Law enforcement officials have arrested a 13-year-old suspect in connection with the Finland shooting at Viertola school.

The school, accommodating 800 students and employing 90 staff members, served as the scene of the unfortunate event.

Witnesses recounted that two ambulances were dispatched from the location, as reported by public broadcaster YLE.

Source: Twitter/ABP LIVE 

Return to Classes After Easter Weekend

Following the extended Easter weekend, students in Vantaa had resumed classes, including those at Viertola school.

The institution caters to students aged seven to 15, encompassing both primary and middle-school levels, across two separate locations.

Concerned Parents Gather at the Scene
As news of the Finland shooting circulated, concerned parents gathered at the Jokiranta site, where the incident transpired, seeking information and updates from authorities.

Finland's Context
Vantaa, Finland's fourth-largest city, is home to approximately 240,000 residents. The country has grappled with tragic school shootings in the past, with notable incidents occurring in 2007 and 2008, prompting legislative actions to tighten gun control measures.

Gun Ownership in Finland
Despite efforts to enforce stricter gun laws, Finland remains renowned for its culture of hunting and firearm enthusiasm. Government statistics indicate that there are approximately 430,000 licensed gun owners in Finland, a nation with a population of 5.5 million.

Previous School Shootings
In 2007, an 18-year-old student perpetrated a school shooting in Tuusula, resulting in the deaths of seven classmates and his head teacher.

The following year, another tragic incident occurred in Kauhajoki, where a student claimed the lives of nine pupils and a teacher.

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