Ghislaine Maxwell, convicted of trafficking girls to Jeffrey Epstein for sex, have filed an appeal requesting a federal court

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  • Ghislaine Maxwell's attorneys are making a case for her release in a federal appeals court.
  • The appeal centers on a deal between Jeffrey Epstein and federal prosecutors where he wouldn't be prosecuted.
  • If the appeal goes through, Maxwell might be let out and have to go through another trial.

Ghislaine Maxwell Appeals Conviction, Citing Epstein Deal

Attorneys representing Ghislaine Maxwell, convicted of trafficking girls to Jeffrey Epstein for sex, have filed an appeal requesting a federal court to overturn her conviction and release her from prison.

They argue that a non-prosecution agreement between Epstein and the Justice Department should have shielded her from prosecution.

Source: Twitter/John Sweeney

During a hearing in Manhattan, Maxwell's legal team emphasized the contentious 2007 non-prosecution deal between Epstein and Alexander Acosta, then US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida. Under this agreement, Epstein received a lenient sentence despite evidence of sexually abusing numerous girls.

Ghislaine Maxwell's attorneys argue that the deal's provisions regarding "potential co-conspirators" extend to her, preventing nationwide prosecution for Epstein's misconduct.

Maxwell’s Conviction and Sentencing

In December 2021, a Manhattan federal court jury found Ghislaine Maxwell guilty of sex-trafficking charges. The jury agreed with prosecutors' claims that Maxwell groomed girls for Epstein and sometimes abused them herself.

Judge Alison Nathan sentenced Maxwell to 20 years in prison and a $750,000 fine. Nathan characterized Maxwell's actions as exploiting her sophistication to manipulate and normalize sexual abuse.

Appeal Hearing Focuses on Non-Prosecution Deal

During the appeal hearing, Ghislaine Maxwell's attorney, Diana Fabi Samson, argued that Manhattan prosecutors violated Epstein's non-prosecution deal by investigating him in 2018.

She emphasized the Justice Department's investigation and plea agreement manual, suggesting Acosta's broad authority. However, former prosecutor Andrew Rohrbach countered, stating the deal only applied to Southern Florida, not nationwide.

Maxwell Maintains Innocence and Hope for Victims

Maxwell has consistently proclaimed her innocence, claiming she was deceived by Epstein. During her sentencing, she expressed hope that her incarceration would provide solace to Epstein's victims. Maxwell's legal team also contests the trial's fairness, arguing that certain abuses described were beyond the statute of limitations and that a juror with a history of sexual abuse failed to disclose it during selection.

Prosecutors and Maxwell’s Legal Team Clash

Manhattan prosecutors assert that Judge Nathan handled the case appropriately and that the verdict was sound. Maxwell's legal team has criticized the handling of Juror 50, alleging that crucial information was omitted during jury selection. If Maxwell's appeal is successful, it could lead to a new trial or a revised sentencing, potentially requiring victims to testify again about their traumatic experiences.

Ongoing Legal Battles and Prison Life

While Maxwell remains in prison, reports suggest she remains active, engaging in activities like running and yoga. However, she has allegedly faced extortion attempts from fellow inmates.

Legal battles related to Maxwell and Epstein persist, with recent documents shedding light on Epstein's sex-trafficking operation. Financial institutions like JPMorgan Chase and Deutsche Bank have settled lawsuits related to their involvement with Epstein.


Ghislaine Maxwell's appeal has brought attention to the complexities surrounding her case, particularly regarding the non-prosecution agreement with Epstein. As the legal process unfolds, the fate of Maxwell and the ongoing repercussions of Epstein's actions continue to captivate public interest.

By integrating insights from legal experts and highlighting the broader context of Maxwell's case, this article provides a comprehensive overview of the ongoing legal saga surrounding one of the most high-profile criminal cases in recent memory.

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