Hunter Biden Refuses Public Testimony Before House Committee

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Hunter Biden Declines Public Testimony

Hunter Biden, son of President Biden, has declined to testify publicly before the House Oversight and Accountability Committee at an upcoming hearing. His attorney, Abbe Lowell, conveyed this decision in a letter to the committee's GOP chairman on Wednesday.

Source: Twitter/The New York Sun 

Comer's Invitation and Biden's Response
Republican Representative James Comer of Kentucky, chair of the Oversight Committee, had previously invited Hunter Biden and former business associates to testify at a hearing scheduled for March 20. However, Lowell cited scheduling conflicts and criticized the hearing as a "clearly orchestrated media event" and a "circus sideshow."

GOP Response and Prior Testimony
Comer stated that the hearing would proceed as planned, despite Biden's refusal to attend. He emphasized the importance of honesty regarding Biden's conduct and noted inconsistencies in Biden's prior statements.

Hunter Biden's Closed-Door Testimony
Biden had previously testified behind closed doors before members of two House panels in a deposition last month. During this session, he reiterated that his father had no involvement in his foreign business dealings and called for an end to what he termed a "political spectacle."

Criticism of Impeachment Inquiry and Smirnov’s Indictment

Lowell criticized Comer's impeachment inquiry as being based on "conspiracy theories" and highlighted the recent indictment of a former FBI informant, Alexander Smirnov, for allegedly lying about the Bidens accepting bribes from a Ukrainian energy company. Smirnov claimed ties to Russian intelligence officials.


The decision by Hunter Biden to decline public testimony adds another layer of contention to the ongoing political drama surrounding the Bidens. With the hearing proceeding as planned and tensions mounting between GOP lawmakers and Biden's legal team, the controversy shows no signs of abating. As the investigation continues, both sides remain steadfast in their positions, leaving the ultimate resolution uncertain.

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